Category: productivity

  • Microsoft releases Windows Live Essentials 2011 [FREE]

    Today, Microsoft has released its Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite.  This is the suite that includes software like Windows Live Messenger, Movie Maker, Writer (blogging tool), Mail, Photo Gallery, Family Safety, Live Mesh (PC-sync tool formerly known as Live Sync), Office Live ad-in, Silverlight and more. Like always, there is a single installer for all […]

  • Google brings some holiday spirit to Google Docs

    Greetings readers! While I know that there aren’t very many Google Docs users out there (I do use it and like it for simple tasks), there is now even more reason to live Google Docs.  Google has released some holiday themed templates to bring you and those around you some holiday cheer.  With holiday postcards, […]

  • What is on your desktop?

    Over the years, I have noticed two types of computer users. Those with a neat, tidy and organized desktops and those whose desktops looks like a virtual tornado ripped through spewing files, folders and shortcuts from one corner of the screen to the other.  Unfortunately, most people don’t realize the value of an organized desktop. […]