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  • Did Conan O’Brien Steal his Tonight Show backdrop from…Mario?!

    Greetings Readers! With the exception of last night, I have watched the new Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien just to give him a chance as I never really watched him before as I am a Criag Furgeson fan who airs his show at the same time as Conan.  I noticed there was something oddly familiar […]

  • AP Issues DMCA Takedown Notice, Enrages Blogosphere

    Greetings readers! For those that don’t spend their free time staring at their feed readers waiting for something to change, a major story has hit the blogosphere today about the AP issuing a DMCA takedown notice.  The notice was sent to the Drudge Retort, the left wing equivalent of the Drudge Report.  While sending such […]