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If you parents were anything like mine, they would always tell you not to play with your food as a kid.  Well, as I have shown with the hundreds of geeky food related posts on here over the years, playing with your food is not a bad thing!  It can even be fun if you have a Legend of Zelda sword made out of a big breadstick!

Tumblr user spacekat267 did created exactly that with his awesome baking skills!  This Legend of Zelda breadstick sword even features the Triforce on the handle!  It might not work so well against many of the enemies in Hyrule, but at least you won’t have to worry about going hungry on your journey!

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Zelda Breadstick Sword

Legend of Zelda Breadstick Sword

[Source:  Tumblr]


Generally speaking, I have always found earrings to look rather tacky on guys so I have never had any desire to get my ears pierced.  However if I did, I would definitely sport these awesome Legend of Zelda Triforce earrings!  They would go great with my hat that is covered with a ton of Hylian Crest symbols!

Well, for those that do wear earrings and love the Legend of Zelda, Esty seller lizglizz is selling this magical pair of Triforce earrings for just $18.  They may not give you the powers of the real Triforce, but they will make you look cooler than the person wearing boring old hoop earrings!

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Triforce Earrings

Legend of Zelda Triforce Earrings

[Source:  Etsy]

Like many, I have grown up playing Nintendo consoles since I was 2 years old and I still own and play all of my different Nintendo consoles.  Well, for those that have a fondness for gaming on Nintendo systems I suspect you will love this awesome NEStalgia shirt as much as I do!

The awesome folks over at TeeFury are selling this awesome NEStalgia shirt for $10 today only!  This shirt features Nintendo consoles and handheld gaming systems  from the NES to the Nintendo 64 as well as their controllers and game cartridges.  Perhaps the coolest part is that all of the Nintendo gaming greatness is given a really cool 8-bit gaming look.

I am headed to jump on this NEStalgia shirt sale over at TeeFury right now and I recommend you do the same before the day ends and the sale is gone!

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Nintendo NEStalgia Shirt

Nintendo NEStalgia T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

Despite the fact that I am not a latte drinker, I am definitely a huge latte art lover!  In the past I have posted all kinds of gaming latte art ranging from Angry Birds latte art to Sonic the Hedgehog latte art (still my favorite).

Well, it looks like we finally have some great Legend of Zelda latte art!

This Triforce latte art was created by DeviantART user MonkDrew for their brother on their birthday.  I’d say this is one cool birthday gift!  It almost makes me wish I had a sibling.  Well, not quite as I do really enjoy being an only child.

Its dangerous to be thirsty, drink this!

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Legend of Zelda Triforce Latte Art

Legend of Zelda Triforce Latte Art by MonkDrew

[Source:  DeviantART]

Now that we know the truth about Princess Peach, I’m not sure having Super Mario and Princess Peach as wedding cake toppers is going to bring you much luck in your marriage.  Sure, its a cool idea, but do you really want somebody as deceitful as Peach on your cake?

Well, apparently somebody does judging by this amazing Super Mario and Princess Peach wedding cake topper!

This super cute Mario and Peach cake topper was created by Christina Patterson.  It is definitely the perfect topper for any Super Mario Bros themed cake!

I love the fact that Mario is having to stand on a question block just to be able to kiss Princess Peach.  You would think he would just eat a mushroom or something although who really wants the groom high on mushrooms on their wedding day?

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Super Mario and Princess Peach Wedding Cake Topper

Super Mario and Princess Peach Cake Topper

[Source:  Christina Patterson via it8bit]

Are you one for carrying a handbag and have a love for the days of NES gaming?  Then I have found the perfect handbag for you!  Meet the NES controller handbag I found on Etsy!

Etsy seller OpThread is selling this awesome NES controller handbag for $75.  Being a guy, I really have no clue what the difference is between a handbag and a purse (perhaps one of you can fill me in on the differences in the comments below), but since they seller is calling it a handbag, that is what I am going with.  Anyway, these NES controller handbags are made to order so expect it to take a couple of weeks to get it.

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NES Controller Purse

NES Controller Handbag

[Source:  Etsy]