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It feels like I haven’t posted much geeky fingernail art lately (the only one I have posted so far this year was the Star Trek fingernail art a couple of weeks ago) so I thought it would be the perfect time to post some more nerdy nail art.  In this particular case, I have found some amazing Legend of Zelda Triforce fingernail art!

This amazing Legend of Zelda fingernail art was apparently created by imgur user atomicwrangler.  It feels a bit more repetitive than many of the nail art posts I write about as each finger is the same but I’d still say they turned out really cool!

If you want to see a bunch of more really cool fingernail art pictures that atomicwranger has made, check out the gallery in the source link below.  There are all kinds of cool designs including ones that look like Pokeballs and a really bloody yet awesome Assassin’s Creed set.

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Legend of Zelda Fingernail Art

Legend of Zelda Triforce Fingernail Art

[Source:  atomicwrangler]

There seems to be a lot of people getting snow these days although the snow we are seeing where I live doesn’t seem to be amounting to much of anything as we are still around 35% below what we should have for this time of year.  However, it looks like one person who has seen a decent bit of snow decided to do something fun with it and carved a giant Legend of Zelda and Hylian Crest in the snow at their school.

I’m not sure who the Legend of Zelda loving snow enthusiast is but I would say they have the initials KM.  I’m not even sure what school this was spotted at but it was posted on Reddit by a couple of different people (this particular picture came from user Suave92).  Whoever made this is obviously an awesome person that I would love to meet!

Have you seen any geeky things made from the recent snow storms?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Legend of Zelda Snow carving

Legend of Zelda in the Snow

[Source:  Reddit]

Although I posted a really cool Super Mario Bros engagement ring box and even an even cooler Super Mario Bros marriage proposal video some time ago, I can’t recall having ever seen somebody have a Super Mario Bros themed wedding.  Well, if you are planning on throwing just such a wedding, I think I have found the perfect wedding bouquet for you!

Etsy seller RBKCreations is selling this awesome fireflower wedding bouquet and matching boutonniere for $135.  If you love Mario and don’t mind using felt flowers instead of real ones, why not go for it and use this?  And if you are planning a Super Mario Bros themed wedding, I want to see pictures and video!

Of course if you are more of a Doctor Who fan, you could always make your own Sonic Screwdriver bouquet like the one I posted a long time ago.

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Super Mario Fireflower Wedding Bouquet

Super Mario Bros Fireflower Bouquet

fireflower wedding bouquet and matching boutonniere

Super Mario Bros fireflower wedding bouquet and matching boutonniere

[Source:  Etsy]

Recently, I was given a NES that while I haven’t tested it out myself, I am pretty sure it doesn’t work and I have been trying to decide what I want to do with it.  The first thought that occurred to me was to turn it into a lunchbox like the NES lunchbox I posted about in the past.  However, I am leaning toward the idea of giving it new life by putting a Raspberry Pi in it and running old NES games on an emulator.

However, no matter what I decide to do, I would give anything to have the NES painted up like Super Mario Bros 3 like the one below!

This NES that has been painted up to have a Super Mario Bros 3 look to it was apparently created by Ebay user hellokitty11111111111.  While it is not longer available, I’m told it had a $125 buy it now price on it which seems reasonable considering how good it looks.  I hope they make another one just like it because I want one!

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Mario NES Console Mod

Super Mario Bros 3 NES Console Mod

[Source:  hellokitty11111111111 via Born Rich]

Being a big lover of cats and having a couple myself, it is safe to say I am a big fan of cool cat trees.  In the past, I have posted some really cool ones like the Star Trek cat tree (my favorite) and even a TARDIS cat playhouse.  Well, now we can add Super Mario Bros to the list with this cat tree that any cat is sure to love!

Super Mario Bros fan and Instructables user Geckoo_Designs created this amazing Super Mario Bros cat tree for their cat.  Although I think the lighting of this picture is a little poor to be able to get a really good look at the cat tree, it is good enough.

For those interested in making their own Super Mario Bros cat tree, although its not up yet, Geckoo_Designs plans on putting up a guide for building your own.  The guide is supposed to be up within the next week so keep an eye on his Instructables account if you want to find out how you can tackle this DIY Super Mario Bros cat tree.

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Super Mario Cat Tree

Super Mario Bros Cat Tree

[Source:  Instructables via Neatorama]

Having grown up playing all of the Super Mario Bros games, it is safe to say I have a love for the Mushroom Kingdom.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons I post so many Mario cakes.  Its not that they don’t deserve the recognition because they all do, I think I just tend to notice them more than many other cakes.  Well, when I saw this Bowser’s Castle cake, it really caught my attention!  I don’t know if I have ever seen a cake with this kind of detail on it!

This incredible Bowser’s Castle groom’s cake was created by the incredibly talented cake makers at Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake.  I am in awe over the incredible amount of detail and beautiful color on this Super Mario cake!  I be this cake had to have cost a small fortune to demand this level of time, effort and quality.

I could be wrong, but I suspect this was probably the groom’s favorite part of the whole wedding.  I know it would be my favorite part!

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Super Mario Bowser's Castle Cake

Bowser’s Castle Cake

Super Mario Bros Bowser's Castle Cake Top

Bowser’s Castle Cake Top

Super Mario Bowser's Castle Cake Entrance

Bowser’s Castle Cake Entrance

[Source:  Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake Via Between the Pages]