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  • Deniath Exclusive Sneak Peak: Xappr Gun [pic]

    When it comes to gaming on my mobile device (mainly on my iPod Touch since my Motorola i1 Android phone is garbage to put it nicely), I have never thought to myself that it would be a better experience if I could put the mobile device on a gun and play my games.  However, thinking […]

  • iPhone Birthday Cake [pic]

    I post a ton of geeky birthday cakes on here but when they include some sort of happy birthday message, they don’t usually blend in with the cake very well.  They look ok but just not natural.  Well, with this iPhone cake, the happy birthday message from Katie Duffy to somebody by the name of […]

  • R2-D2 is powered by Android [pic]

    I find that I tend to learn something new every day.  Today, thanks to the t-shirt below, I learned that R2-D2 is powered by the Android operating system.  I wonder which version R2 runs?  I still have 1.5 on my Motorola i1 and I HATE it!  I never thought battery life could suck this bad […]

  • Android Just Hungry T-Shirt [pic]

    Like many millions of other people, I am the owner of an Android based phone.  While I can’t call myself a happy owner, I still think this Android t-shirt is pretty funny and just plain cool.  It does an entertaining job of showing just how the OS is taking a bite out of Apple’s smartphone […]

  • First screenshots of Angry Birds 2 spotted? [pics + video]

    The folks over at The Register Hardware found a German tv interview with Rovio Mobile, the creators of Angry Birds which appears to have some possible screenshots from Angry Birds 2.  From watching the interview (which you can see below), it appears that there are two Angry Birds releases in the works.  The first referenced […]

  • Windows Phone 7 device comparison chart

    I’ve had this image sitting on my desktop for a while with the intention of posting it so I don’t remember who sent it to me (let me know in the comments if it was you so I can give you credit), but this is a great chart showing the differences between all of the […]