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It has been years since I have played with LEGO (they are some rather expensive pieces of colored plastic), but I am still quite fond of them as I spent a good part of my childhood building things with them.  The other part of my childhood was spent playing video games which is why I love this amazing LEGO wall mural that is a solute to older video games.

The boyfriend of Reddit user soma_holiday is the guy that created this amazing video game wall mural out of LEGO bricks.  It measures an impressive 144″ x 240″ and it took 8 months to make.

Just looking at this mural is like a blast to the past seeing all of the characters I grew up with again.  To say that I am blown away by how this turned out would be an understatement.  I would give anything to have this on my wall!

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LEGO Gaming Wall Mural

LEGO Video Game Wall Mural

[Source:  Reddit]

As far as I can remember (and my memory sucks), I don’t think I have ever had the opportunity to play an old Atari game console.  As a kid, my family always stuck with getting me Nintendo systems although there was the rare occasion I got to play systems like the Intellivision at a relatives house.

While I may have never had the opportunity to enjoy the games that the Atari had to offer, I figured there would be more than a few retro gaming lovers out there that would love this Atari 2600 cake!

This spectacular Atari 2600 cake was created by the clearly awesome cake makers at Pink Cake Box.  To say that I am impressed with this Atari 2600 birthday cake would be an understatement as it almost looks real enough to play!  For as much as people dread turning the big 4 0, I think if I was going to get a cake like this for my big day, I would be looking forward to it!

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Atari 2600 Birthday Cake

Atari 2600 Cake

[Source:  Pink Cake Box via Between the Pages]

A while back, I posted about a rather awesome bath towel concept design that basically gave you the pixelated naked look from The Sims games.  Although the towel was never made available for sale as far as I know, that doesn’t seem to have stopped people who really wanted to sport the pixelated Sims look.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who this girl is (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give her credit), but she is sporting some rather clever pixelated naked Sim cosplay.  I love the commitment that she has shown to the cosplay by having the picture taken in the shower and having the green diamond floating above her head.  This is definitely The Sims cosplay done right!

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Pixelated Sims Cosplay

Pixelated Naked Sims Cosplay

[Source:  Fixthatweave via Fashionably Geek]

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a question block in Super Mario Bros really looks like?  Well now you can wonder no more and inform all of the Mario lovers around you thanks to this Super Mario Bros question block t-shirt!

The geektastic folks over at my favorite daily deal shirt site, TeeFury, are selling this awesome Super Mario question block shirt for just $10 today only!

Apparently the inside of a question block is actually a 1-Up mushroom’s apartment.  I guess it depends on if the 1-Up is home whether you get a 1-Up mushroom, fire flower or something else when you punch the block.

Make sure to get this shirt before its gone because you need to help educate the world about what is really in the question block!

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Mario Question Block Shirt

Super Mario Question Block Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

Last week, I finally got around to beating Super Mario Bros for the first time since childhood.  Sadly, I had to use a bunch of state saves to do it (apparently my timing was better as a kid) but I don’t feel that bad about it because I wasn’t going to waste a bunch of time replaying the game because I kept dying and you only have a couple of lives to beat the game.

By some strange coincidence, right after I beat the game I stumbled across this awesome Super Mario Bros final level leather belt.  This awesome Super Mario Bros leather belt (oddly with a Super Mario Bros 3 inspired belt buckle) was created by leatherworker Julia for her brother as a birthday gift.  I wish I had a sister like her because this would be the coolest gift ever!

I can’t even imagine the amount of work that went into this belt featuring the last level of Super Mario Bros.  I am very impressed!

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Super Mario Bros Belt

Super Mario Bros Leather Belt

Super Mario Bros Belt Unfinished

Super Mario Bros Leather Belt Unfinished

[Source:  Julia via Geekologie]

Did you grow up on classic video games like Donkey Kong, Frogger, Tetris, Pac-Man and Pong like I did?  Then you are going to love this retro video games cake that includes all of those plus a joystick an buttons!

I feel bad for the kids of today because very few of them will know the joy of the classic video games that filled my childhood because they seem to be too concerned about the latest and greatest games (at least that seems to be the case from all of the screaming 10 year olds that have taken over Halo 4).  It may have been a simpler time but the games were still a ton of fun and most of the time a lot more challenging than the games of today.  Anyway…

This awesome retro video game cake was created by Nicole of Cake Haute Couture.  It features Pong on the top and Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger and Tetris on the sides.  The coin slot, arcade style joystick and big buttons are a nice touch too!

I think this might just be my all time favorite cake!

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Retro Video Game Cake

Retro Video Game Cake

Retro Gaming Cake

Retro Video Game Cake

[Source: Cake Haute Couture via:  That’s Nerdalicious]