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  • Decal Girl Has Great Skins for All Your Favorite Gadgets [Review]

    Just over seven years ago I used to be obsessed with hacking Sony’s PSP gaming handheld and spent many hours hanging out in forums where other PSP enthusiasts were talking about everything PSP related that Sony didn’t want you to know about.  Although I didn’t have the skills at the time to be one of […]

  • Steampunk Batman NERF Blaster Pistol [pic]

    When I was a kid, I loved played with NERF stuff.  I had everything from a NERF Vortex football to the NERD gun that allowed you to shoot around corners.  Other than for office warfare, I don’t think NERF stuff is as popular as it used to be, but I think if you were to […]

  • TARDIS 4-Port USB Hub On Sale For $20 [pic]

    If there is one thing that I am in desperate need of, it is more USB ports.  All of the USB ports on my computer are currently occupied by things like my mouse, keyboard, headset, iOS devices, cell phone, Zune, ect and I have more devices that I still need to plug in.  Well, if […]

  • iGeek Large Capacity Portable Charger [pic]

    Are you tired of finding yourself with a dead phone or other gadget and nowhere to charge it?  This is one of my biggest first world problems as my phone (Motorola i1) sucks so bad that I have to plug it in after 4-5 hours with little or no use because the battery life is […]

  • Fan Made TARDIS Kindle Case [pic]

    One of the many gadgets that I take everywhere is my Kindle (Kindle Paperwhite to be exact and the Kindle 2 before that), but I have never had more than the rather boring (yet nice looking) official leather Kindle case.  Well, perhaps I should do what this person did and paint up my Kindle case […]

  • Nintendo Game Boy Inspired iPad Envelope Case [pic]

    A lot of people seem to think that mobile phones and tablets like the iPad are the future of mobile gaming and I think those people are idiots.  Sure, touchscreen interfaces works great for games like Angry Birds or Worms, but have you ever tried playing an FPS game like  Duke Nukem 3D on an […]