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Although I have the games installed on my PC, I have yet to get around to playing any of the Mass Effect games.  Judging by the glowing reviews that many of my gaming friends have given it, I am sure I will love it, I just haven’t got around to playing it yet as I have a ton of other games I want to play first.  However, even though I don’t know everything about the Mass Effect franchise, I still enjoy seeing cool stuff inspired by the game such as the custom Mass Effect shoes I posted a while back or the amazing fan made Mass Effect Monopoly game.  In this case, I have found a spectacular Mass Effect inspired wedding cake!

This stunning Mass Effect wedding cake features the NORMANDY SR-2, the HQ of the Lazarus Cell.  As for the yummy details of the cake, it is a red velvet cake covered with modeling chocolate while the wings are made of sugar paste.  Its not often I get to say this but yay for the lack of fondant!

This NORMANDY SR-2 cake was made by the obviously talented cake makers at Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake.

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NORMANDY SR-2 Wedding Cake

Mass Effect Wedding Cake

[Source:  Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake via Between the Pages]

Nothing says ‘I love Lord of the Rings’ quite like a cake that looks like the One Ring.  If you can’t get a giant cake like the Dark Tower cake with the Eye of Sauron that I posted back in December, a One Ring cake would still work great for any Lord of the Rings viewing parties (although I would have more than just cake because the movies are really long and people are going to get hungry).

This amazing Lord of the Rings inspired One Ring cake was made by the obviously talented cake maker the Cake Whisperer.  I don’t know what kind of occasion this cake was made for but I’m sure whoever got to eat it was really happy.  Too bad they didn’t send me a piece.

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One Ring Cake

Lord of the Rings One Ring Cake

[Source:  the Cake Whisperer via Between the Pages]

Thanks to all of the holiday weight I put on a couple of months ago (I think everybody just made more cookies and stuff than usual this year), I have decided to cut out the sweets and any unnecessary calories until I am no longer in danger of having to buy all new pants that are bigger than my current ones.  However, while I may be avoiding the consumption of sweets, I still love looking at them, especially when they are geeky!

Speaking of geeky cupcakes, Cake Central member Yokko made this amazing Spock cupcake!  I’m not sure how I feel about the black look of the cupcake itself but the handmade Spock cupcake topper is amazing!  I’d say it turned out really well!

Remember, if you hope to live long and prosper, avoid the sweets!

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Spock Cupcake

Star Trek Spock Cupcake

[Via Between the Pages]

It seems like pretty much everybody is addicted to coffee these days.  Everybody I have ever known drinks it except me.  When I tell people that I don’t drink coffee (I don’t like hot drinks in general), I get a lot of strange looks and shocked reactions.  People seem to have a hard time believing that a person can get going in the morning without coffee but I am one who can.

However, for those who need caffeine to get going and prefer to use a french press rather than stop by Starbucks, I think I may have found the perfect french press cozy for you, especially if you love Doctor Who!

If you have some knitting skills or know somebody that does, you can get the pattern to make this fantastic Dalek french press cozy for free thanks to ravelry user Coryna Blasko.  If you want the pattern, head here to get it.

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Doctor Who french press cozy

Doctor Who Dalek French Press Cozy

[Source:  Ravelry via That's Nerdalicious]

Ever since I go my iPad 2 around a year and a half ago, it has never left my side.  I always take it with me wherever I go so that if I need to write some notes, look something up or just kill a few minutes with a game of Angry Birds or Worms, I can do that.  However, I would not consider myself as obsessed with it as some people although I wouldn’t mind if somebody made me an amazing iPad cake like this.

This This incredibly realistic cake that looks like an iPad sitting on its box was created by Berliosca Cake Boutique.  These guys are obviously the people to call if you want an Apple themed cake!  This cake is so simple and elegant, you would think it was actually made by Apple!

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iPad Cake

Apple iPad Cake

[Source:  Berliosca Cake Boutique via Between the Pages]

Having grown up playing all of the Super Mario Bros games, it is safe to say I have a love for the Mushroom Kingdom.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons I post so many Mario cakes.  Its not that they don’t deserve the recognition because they all do, I think I just tend to notice them more than many other cakes.  Well, when I saw this Bowser’s Castle cake, it really caught my attention!  I don’t know if I have ever seen a cake with this kind of detail on it!

This incredible Bowser’s Castle groom’s cake was created by the incredibly talented cake makers at Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake.  I am in awe over the incredible amount of detail and beautiful color on this Super Mario cake!  I be this cake had to have cost a small fortune to demand this level of time, effort and quality.

I could be wrong, but I suspect this was probably the groom’s favorite part of the whole wedding.  I know it would be my favorite part!

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Super Mario Bowser's Castle Cake

Bowser’s Castle Cake

Super Mario Bros Bowser's Castle Cake Top

Bowser’s Castle Cake Top

Super Mario Bowser's Castle Cake Entrance

Bowser’s Castle Cake Entrance

[Source:  Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake Via Between the Pages]