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It is rather unfortunate that I live in a place where practically nobody has an ounce of creativity in their body.  It seems that everybody is as lazy and can be and nobody is interested in putting out any extra effort to make something that is just cool.  Well, at least there are people in other places that gladly share the creativity of the people where they live so I can live vicariously though them.  In this particular case, somebody created a spectacular Super Mario display out of canned food!

Sadly, I’m not sure who created this incredible Super Mario Bros canned food display (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit) but I have been informed that you can visit this display at the South Center Mall in Calgary, AB Canada.  If I had the money and hadn’t heard an endless stream of border patrol horror stories, I would love to see this in person myself!

If you ever come across something cool like this where you live, hit is up through the Contact page linked at the top and send us some pictures!

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Super Mario Canned Food Display

Super Mario Bros Canned Food Display

[Source:  Reddit]

When I cook (which isn’t very often), I can’t say I pay much attention to how the food looks.  While I love watching shows like Iron Chef America and Chopped to see the really fancy plating for their dishes, when it comes to my own cooking, I really don’t care what it looks like.  I am all about taste over making a food look fancy.  However, I do enjoy making food that looks like really geeky things.

In the past, I have posted a couple of really cool Super Mario Bros inspired Bento boxes such as the Super Mario bento box that even has a DIY video to show you how to make your own and the other one that includes strawberries and Cheez-It crackers, two of my favorite snacks.  Well, this one stands apart from those others because where the others only feature Mario’s head, this one features all of Mario!

Unfortunately, I don’t know who created this awesome Super Mario bento box (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit for their creation), but I think they did a great job!  I just finished eating and this has made me hungry all over again.

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Super Mario Bros food Box

Super Mario Bento Box

[Via The Dork Side]

When my birthday rolls around, my mom always makes me a jello cake which is my favorite kind of cake (besides cheesecake).  However, with a cake like that, you can’t really do much of anything fancy with it which is why I tend to be a bit jealous of the cakes that many kids get for their birthdays.  In this particular case, one mom made an incredible Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield cake for her son’s 18th birthday.

Reddit user Riorus’ mom is the person that made this Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield cake that I would say looks way too cool to eat!

If somebody was to offer me a cake like this, I would be very torn.  On one hand, I would give anything to have a cool Legend of Zelda cake like this, but on the other hand, I would hate to eat something that looks this amazing.  Would you eat something that looks this good?  Let us know in the comments below!

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Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Cake

Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Birthday Cake

[Source:  Reddit via Geekologie]

There are a ton of people that seem to be huge fans of Minecraft but I can’t say I am one of them.  I have seen a lot of people make some really cool stuff in Minecraft such as Microsoft Office’s Clippy from years ago but beyond recreating stuff in the game, I just don’t really see the appeal of it.  Perhaps its a game that just isn’t targeted to somebody like me.  However, even though I don’t play it, I still like seeing really cool Minecraft stuff like this awesome Minecraft birthday cake and cupcakes!

This neat Minecraft cake and cupcakes were baked by Helen from Love is Cake.  Apparently a young Minecraft fan recently turned 9 and celebrated the occasion with this Minecraft birthday cake and cupcakes.  I’d say they turned out looking great!

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Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes

[Source:  Love is Cake via That’s Nerdalicious]

Not being a fan of pop or soda or whatever you want to call it, I can’t say I have ever had much use for pop machines.  Once in a while I will get a bottled water from them if they have it and it is not Aquafina (that stuff is nasty), but otherwise I have never had much use for pop machines.  However, I’d say this TARDIS pop machine is the coolest pop machine ever!

This Doctor Who themed TARDIS pop machine was spotted at Epic Comics in Orlando, Florida.  I love how they use pictures of the Doctor with the pictures next to the buttons for selecting the drink you want.  The only thing that needs a bit of improving on this TARDIS soda machine is the missing poster on the left.  Otherwise, I declare this pop machine cool!

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TARDIS Pop Machine

Doctor Who TARDIS Pop Machine

[Source:  EPIC Comics via Neatorama]

Anybody who has been reading Global Geek News for a while knows I am a HUGE Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan.  It is easily my all time favorite show and rarely does a night go by that I don’t watch at least one episode before falling asleep.  However, until today, I have never seen any kind of DS9 themed cake.  For all of the other Star Trek cakes I post such as the mind blowing Borg wedding cake or the Star Trek Voyager cake, I have never had the opportunity to post a Deep Space Nine inspired cake until now.

This awesome Star Trek: Deep Space Nine inspired U.S.S. Defiant cake was made by the obviously cook cake makers at Stuffed Cakes.  The Defiant is my favorite Starfleet ship and I think they did a pretty good job at capturing the essence of the vessel.  However, I find it very unfortunate that the cake wasn’t made for me because I have yet to meet a bigger DS9 fan than me.

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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Cake

Star Trek Deep Space Nine U.S.S. Defiant Cake

[Source:  Stuffed Cakes via Between the Pages]