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Whenever I am driving around in my car, I always have my phone plugged into my FM transmitter which also gives power to my phone so I can both charge my phone and listen to music off of my phone.  However, if you aren’t as old school as me and have a stereo system new enough that you don’t have to use an FM transmitter to listen to music off of your phone yet still want a geeky way to charge your phone or other USB powered devices, this R2-D2 USB car charger might just be for you!

The cool geeks over at ThinkGeek are selling this sweet R2-D2 USB car charger for just $39.99!  It should fit in your cup holders and has 2 USB ports which both put out 2.1 amps which is enough to charge two tablets at the same time and it plugs into your cigarette lighter.

Even if you aren’t willing to sacrifice one of your own cup holders for this, it would still make a great Christmas gift for that Star Wars fan in your life.

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Star Wars R2-D2 Car Charger

Star Wars R2-D2 Car Charger

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

I really hate the idea of having to get rid of my Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess wallet because I really like it, but it is falling apart and the ink for the Twilight Princess logo is almost totally faded away.  So, I am in search of a new wallet and while looking around for a new wallet, I came across this cool Klingon wallet!

The awesome nerds over at are selling this sweet Star Trek Klingon chain wallet for just $19.99!  The wallet is a tri-fold wallet which snaps shut and is made of a combination of polyurethane and polyester.

Whether you are looking for a wallet yourself or know somebody who likes Klingons and could use a wallet for Christmas, you might want to think about picking this one up!

I’m not sure if this is going to be the wallet I get but it is definitely on the short list since I love the Klingons and only have an interest in tri-fold wallets.  I probably won’t be buying a new one until after new years so if you know of a geeky wallet I should check out (I would think you guys know what sort of geeky tastes I have by now), please feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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Star Trek Klingon Chain Wallet

Star Trek Klingon Wallet


About three years ago, I posted about some really cool TARDIS and Dalek Christmas tree ornaments that the BBC was selling.  However, at the time they were going for the rather insane price of $42.61.  Well, they are a lot more affordable now to the point that I would say they are must have ornaments for any Whovian’s Christmas tree!

The amazing people over at ThinkGeek are selling these Doctor Who Christmas ornaments for just $8.99 each!  You can choose from a TARDIS, a red or yellow Dalek or a Cyberman!  And that’s not all!  If you order before midnight tonight (today is 12/17/14) and use the coupon code ‘SHIPUS’, you get free shipping with no minimum!  I told you they were affordable now!

There is no better way to celebrate the Doctor Who Christmas Special than with these ornaments so order them now if you want to get them in time!

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Doctor Who Christmas Ornaments

Doctor Who TARDIS and Dalek Christmas Ornaments

Doctor Who Cyberman and Yellow Dalek Christmas Ornaments

Doctor Who Cyberman and Yellow Dalek Christmas Ornaments

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

Ever since I started my geeky fashion blog, Fanboy Fashion, I haven’t posted much fingernail art here since it usually makes the most sense for me to post it over there rather than here on Global Geek News (you can still find a ton of it if you search for nail art over on the right).  Well, since I already have a post planned for over there today (some amazing Diablo Demon Hunter cosplay), I figured I might as well post this incredible steampunk fingernail art here because it is simply too amazing not to post somewhere!  Long nails aren’t really my thing but even I have to admit these are pretty spectacular.

This incredibly detailed steampunk nail art was created by Simone Gilbert.  Between the gears, goggles and pretty much everything else, this might just be the most detailed nail art I have ever seen!  I can definitely say this is also the only time I have seen a corset on nail art before.

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Steampunk Nail Art

Steampunk Fingernail Art

[Source:  Simone Gilbert via Fashionably Geek]

I remember that giving somebody a mixtape used to be a big deal back in the days of cassette tapes although I can’t say I ever made one.  I suppose the closest I ever came to doing something like that was to burn some CDs of various songs for my long road trips to and from college.  It really helped pass the time on those 9 hour drives but since I kept those CDs to myself, I can’t say I have ever had the experience of giving somebody a ‘mixedtape’, especially since that seems to largely be a romantic gesture and I have always been single.  Anyway, in modern times, apparently mixtapes now take the form of USB drives and I found this cool shirt to inform me of that because I honestly thought the idea of a mixtape had died long ago.

The awesome folks over at Tshirtbordello are selling this funny ‘I made You This Mixtape T-Shirt’ for just $14.99!  If you are one to show your love with USB drives full of music (which I’m sure you purchased legally, right?), then I think this shirt might just be for you!  Or if you just want to make fun of people that do that and still call it a mixtape even though there is no more cassette tapes involved, this would be a good shirt for you too!  Although calling it a mixed USB drive just sounds weird so until a new term is invented (feel free to suggest them in the comments below), perhaps still using the word mixtape can be forgiven.

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USB Mixtape T-Shirt

USB Mixtape T-Shirt

[Source:  Tshirtbordello]

Halloween is a couple of days away so it seems appropriate to post a pumpkin carving that hit me right in the nostalgia.  Like probably most people my age, I spent a ton of time as a kid playing the old DOS version of Oregon Trail.  It has been a lot of years since I last played it because I don’t have any old machines to run it and I am too lazy to try to get it running on my machines, however I still have many fond memories of it and I even have an Oregon Trail t-shirt that I wear regularly.  Well, for those who also have fond memories of that classic PC game, I have found the Halloween pumpkin of your dreams!

This amazing Oregon Trail jack-o-lantern was carved by DeviantART user ceemdee.  When it comes to carving pumpkins, they clearly know what they are doing because this Oregon Trail pumpkin carving is amazing!  And I love their use of the classic ‘You have died of dysentery’ joke.

I wish I had pumpkin carving skills of ceemdee but the only pumpkin skills I have relate to how much pumpkin pie I can eat at Thanksgiving.

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Oregon Trail Jack-O-Lantern

Oregon Trail Pumpkin Carving

Oregon Trail Jack-O-Lantern

Oregon Trail Jack-O-Lantern

Oregon Trail Pumpkin Carving

Oregon Trail Pumpkin Carving

[Source: ceemdee via Nerd Approved]