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Several months ago, I posted a picture of a guy I declared to be the King of Nintendo 64.  It seemed like an obvious title at the time considering he was covered in armor made of Nintendo 64 consoles and game cartridges as well as he had a sword made of a couple of controllers and a bunch of games.  Well, I wouldn’t call the guy below the King of the N64, but it feels like it should have a similar title because of the massive GoldenEye N64 game cartridge costume he is wearing.

The guy sporting this awesome GoldenEye Nintendo 64 cartridge as a costume is reddit user calteoh.  I’d say it is a very clever costume idea although not very practical.  I mean, when this guy goes to take a leak, he will be occupying three urinals instead of one.  And that’s just rude.

No matter how many urinals this costume takes up, it is still one of the coolest costume ideas I have ever seen.

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GoldenEye Nintendo 64 Costume

GoldenEye Nintendo 64 Game Cartridge Costume

[Source:  Reddit]

When it comes to wallets, I have always been a tri-fold kind of guy.  With the extra slots and stuff for cards that you can usually find in tri-fold wallets, I find them to be more handy than bi-fold wallets even if they do tend to be a bit thicker.  However, for the bi-fold loving Super Mario Bros fans out there, I have found a New Super Mario Bros bi-fold wallet that you are going to love!

The geektastic folks over at SuperHeroStuff are selling this really cool New Super Mario Bros bi-fold wallet for just $17.99.  It measures 4.5 inch wide by 3.25 inch high and it is full of Mario greatness!

I really wish I was a bi-fold wallet kind of guy because I think I prefer the look of this New Super Mario Bros wallet over the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princesses wallet I use.  Maybe its time I give the world of bi-fold wallets a shot.

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Super Mario Bros Wallet

New Super Mario Bros Bi-Fold Wallet

[Source:  SuperHeroStuff via Geek Alerts]

Not too long ago, I posted some awesome Star Trek pancakes made to look like the cast of the original series.  Well, the same creators of those awesome pancakes are back to creating more awesome pancakes but this time they are in the theme of the new Hobbit movie.

Nathan Shields of Saipancakes is the creator of these awesome Hobbit pancakes.  When it comes to cool pancakes, I don’t think there is anybody that does them better!  I’d say the Gandolf pancake is my favorite.

I’d say he has some really lucky kids because they get to eat his awesome pancakes creations after he is done making them.  I wish I had somebody that would make me geeky pancakes like this!  Heck, they don’t even have to be geeky, I just want some pancakes!

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Hobbit Character Pancakes

Hobbit Pancakes

[Source:  Saipancakes via That's Nerdalicious]

It feels like it has been a while since I have posted any cool tattoos so I figured its time I post one that is not only cool but absolutely spectacular!  Other than perhaps the old cartoon, I can’t say I have ever been a huge Spider-Man fan but I am absolutely blown away by this Spider-Man vs. Venom full back tattoo.

This amazing Spider-Man vs Venom full back tattoo inspired by the comic books was inked by Pablo at Level Up Tattoo.  Whoever got this tattoo was one lucky person as Pablo is one heck of a talented tattoo artist!  I am blown away by the beautiful use of color on this tattoo.  Just in terms of color, I think it might be the best looking tattoo I have ever seen.  I am very impressed!

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Spider-Man vs Venom Comic Book Tattoo

Spider-Man vs Venom Full Back Tattoo

[Source:  Pablo over at Level Up Tattoo via Obvious Winner]

It is always nice to see the cool things that people will do for their significant other for special occasions like their birthday.  At least when it comes to geeks, romance definitely isn’t dead and judging by cakes like this fantastic Portal birthday cake, it is alive and well!

Reddit user Fus_ro_dah_lady made this cake for her Portal loving test subject boyfriend who recently turned the big 26.

I love how the number candles were cut in half to look like they have gone halfway through the Portals.  I’m also kind of curious where they got the little turret as it is a nice addition.

I turn 26 in July so if anybody wants to make me a cake like this, I would be a very happy test subject!

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Portal Cake

Portal Birthday Cake

[Source:  Reddit]

Despite how much other people like wearing rings, they have never really been my thing.  There are a lot of them that look really cool but I just don’t like something stuck around my fingers.  However, even though I may not be one for wearing rings, I know that many of you are so speaking of cool rings, I stumbled across an awesome TARDIS ring I thought the Doctor Who fans would love.

Artfire seller is selling this neat TARDIS ring for $15.95.  Apparently the ring is 15mm wide and the size is adjustable for those of you without fingers of that exact dimension.  If I was a ring person, I would definitely be getting one because it is a pretty cool design.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Ring


[Source:  Artfire via Fashionably Geek]