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Thanks to the availability of the turn based strategy Worms games on so many different platforms, I spend quite a bit of time playing Worms games.  I fell in love with the games as a kid and I still play a few rounds every day as a way to kill a few minutes between tasks on my iPad.  Without a doubt, they are one of the most entertaining games I have ever played.

Apparently I’m not the only one with a huge love for the Worms games judging by this awesome piece of Worms jewelry.  I’m not sure whether this is a necklace or a charm bracelet but it is still really cool whatever it is.

This Worms jewelry was created by DeviantART user MrsBlackmar and they did a heck of a job with it!  I’m not one for wearing jewelry but I would wear this!  I would wear anything with a Super Sheep on it!

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Worms Neckalce

Worms Jewelry

[Source:  MrsBlackmar via Worms on Facebook]

Since I am quickly getting to the point of being in dire need of some new shoes as the shoes I wear to work are falling apart, I have been on the hunt for a new pair and just happened to stumble across these awesome Super Mario Bros shoes.

Etsy seller SuperBitKicks is selling these cool custom Super Mario Bros canvas shoes for just $50!  These Super Mario Bros shoes designed to look like the box art from the NES classic come in a range of sizes but unfortunately for the ladies, they just come in men’s sizes.

Rather than being hand painted like most of the shoes I feature from Etsy, these design on these shoes is printed on which means they will ship within a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks.  If that wasn’t enough to sell you on them, they are also slip on which means you don’t have to worry about your shoe strings coming untied!  Can it get any better than that?!  Check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments!

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Custom Super Mario Bros Shoes

Super Mario Bros Shoes

[Source:  Etsy]

Although I have yet to play Assassin’s Creed III even though I bought it at launch, between the videos of the game that I have seen and the amazing cosplay, I am very excited to play it…just as soon as I use up all of my 100+ double XP matches on Halo 4 before they expire.  In the mean time, I can always look at these awesome female Assassin’s Creed III Conner Kenway cosplay pics that I thought you guys would enjoy as well.

This female Conner Kenway cosplay is being sported by the infamous cosplayer Jessica Nigri.  If her name sounds familiar, it might be because I have posted some of her cosplay in the past where she was dressed in Skyrim cosplay at a Gamestop.

The photography (which is excellent) was taken by photographer Larry Allen.  Between the photography and the sexy Conner Kenway cosplay, these pictures are full of awesome.

For more fantastic Assassin’s Creed III Conner Kenway cosplay, check out the post I did a while back.

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Jessica Nigri Assassin's Creed Cosplay

Female Assassins Creed Conner Kenway Cosplay

Jessica Nigri Conner Kenway Cosplay

Female Assassins Creed III Conner Kenway Cosplay

Female Conner Kenway Cosplay

Female Assassins Creed III Conner Kenway Cosplay

[Source:  Larry Allen]

As somebody who has ruined wooden furniture (TV trays) by letting a sweaty glass sit directly on the wood on a hot day, I am now a big believer in using coasters.  Furniture is too expensive to not us a coaster if you are going to be setting a drink on it!

Well, in the past, I have posted about a number of different and geeky drink coasters like the Battlestar Galactica coasters and the Portal warning signs coasters, but for those that would prefer some Legend of Zelda coasters, I have found the perfect set for you!

Etsy seller LimeGreenCoconuts is selling this awesome set of Legend of Zelda drink coasters for $36.  The coasters are made from fused perler beads encased in epoxy resin and they measure 4 3/8″ square and approximately 3/8 inches thick.

One thing to note is that these will take a week or two before they are shipped since apparently the epoxy resin takes a long time to dry.  However, I think they are cool enough that they would be worth the wait.

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Legend of Zelda DrinkCoasters

Legend of Zelda Coasters

[Source:  Etsy via That's Nerdalicious]

Due to my fear of clowns, it is rare that I get to see any cool balloon animals in person, but I doubt I would see any that are as cool as the ones I post on here anyway so that doesn’t really bother me much.

In the past, I have posted a number of cool video game themed balloon animals like the Legend of Zelda Link balloon animal and the epic Halo Master Chief balloon animal and this Solid Snake balloon animal is just as impressive!

I don’t know who created this amazing life-sized Solid Snake balloon animal sculpture, but I have a feeling it is probably the guy in the photo.  If you know who made it, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them the credit they deserve!

This is what you call having some serious balloon animal skills!

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Solid Snake Balloon Animal Sculpture

Solid Snake Balloon Animal

[via Geekologie]

Are you looking for a way to geek up your shower but perhaps you aren’t a big enough science lover to hang the Periodic Table shower curtain we posted in the past or make your own Pac-Man shower curtain like the one I posted back in October?  Then I think I have the solution for you, at least if you are a Star Wars fan.  Check out this Star Wars shower curtain!

If you are interested in giving your bathroom more of a Star Wars theme, Amazon is selling this Star Wars art shower curtain for $54.50.

It would look great in the bathroom of any Star Wars fan and would certainly make for an interesting conversation piece for any company you may have drop by your place.  However, unless you are dating a big Star Wars fan, owning this Star Wars shower curtain might decrease your odds of shower sex.  Just something to keep in mind.

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Star Wars Art Shower Curtain

Star Wars Shower Curtain

[Source:  Amazon via Geek Alerts]