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Normally, I don’t give a crap about who makes the designs on the t-shirts I wear.  However, there is one person that I make an exception for as I am a HUGE fan of hers and I always buy one of her shirts when I come across a new design.  That person is Megan Lara.  If her name sounds familiar, it should as I have featured several of her shirt designs in the past (did I mention I am a huge fan of hers?) such as the Doctor Who Soufflé Girl aka Oswin Oswald shirt, the Rose Tyler Bad Wolf shirt and a rather awesome Battlestar Galactica Starbuck shirt.

Well, the fantastic folks over at TeeFury are selling a couple of her designs today including this Doctor Who River Song Hello Sweetie shirt for just $10!  The other shirt is inspired by Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.  However, since I haven’t read that series and I am a huge Doctor Who fan, the River Song shirt is the one I am most excited about (and I think you will be too)!

As soon as I hit the big blue publish button on this post, I will be going straight over to TeeFury to buy this shirt and you should too!  Not only is the design awesome, but they make high quality shirts so you are getting a great deal.

I am curious, are there any t-shirt designers you follow?  Let us know in the comments below!

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River Song Shirt

Doctor Who River Song Hello Sweetie Shirt by Megan Lara

[Source:  TeeFury]

It is very unfortunate that I don’t have an artistic bone in my body because I would love to be able to make cool works of art as a tribute to the things that I love.  Well, apparently there is at least one guy with a bit of artistic skill who likes to put it to good use by making cool paintings of things like the Star Trek Enterprise.

Reddit user stellarpath is the creator of this awesome work of Star Trek art.  He created this beautiful painting of the Enterprise and four planets with spray paints.  I didn’t even know you could get such detail with spray paint but the only spray paint I have ever had any experience with is the one in Microsoft’s paint and the last time I used that was probably on Windows 98.

If you create any geeky works of art, let me know in the comments below or through the contact page at the top and I might just feature your geeky work of art!

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USS Enterprise Painting

Star Trek Enterprise Spray Painting

[Source:  stellarpath]

The only time I ever did the whole sack lunch thing was in grade school and only on days when there wasn’t a hot lunch served.  Even then, I always had one of those nice insulated lunch boxes that would keep my food nice and cold until lunch time arrived.  However, I have to admit that I have never done the brown paper bag lunch sack thing.  However, if I had somebody in my family that had any geeky art skills, I would have begged for a lunch bag like the one below!

This amazing and very scary Weeping Angel lunch bag art was created by the infamous Lunch Bag Art dad that I have featured many times in the past including a less scary piece of Weeping Angel lunch bag art.  For those unfamiliar with him, he is a geeky dad with some artistic skills that makes amazing works of lunch bag art for his kids lunches.  He has some really lucky kids!

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Weeping Angel Lunch Sack Art

Weeping Angel Lunch Bag Art

[Source:  Lunch Bag Art]

If it wasn’t for pictures, I might forget what snow looks like.  It has been incredibly dry here in Colorado the past two winters and we are in desperate need of some snow soon if there is any hope of having enough water for my lawn to survive this summer.  However, there are some lucky people in other parts of the world that are getting snow and they seem to be making the most of it!

DeviantART user NerdSmile apparently decided to put the at their house to good use and turn it into a Yoda snowman!  I’m not quite sure how the coloring of this Yoda snow sculpture was achieved, but it turned out pretty cool!  It is a shame this Yoda will melt away once the sun comes out.

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Yoda Snow Sculpture

Yoda Snowman

[Source:  NerdSmile via Obvious Winner]

When I talk about something explosive in relation to food, it usually isn’t a very good thing.  Normally it is the consequence of food not agreeing with me.  However, in today’s case, explosives and food is a very good combination!  While I would never normally endorse the combination of the two (unless you are part of the Mythbusters team), this Worms Holy Hand Grenade cake is not lethal so I am not too worried about it.

This amazing Worms Holy Hand Grenade cake was made by Snickerdoodles Bakery of Hampstead, MD for a guy named Steve for his 30th birthday.  Apparently his wife and a friend decided to get this cake for him and I would say it made for a pretty awesome birthday!

I’m still five years away from hitting that big 30 milestone but I already think I want a cake like this for my 30th birthday!

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Worms Cake

Worms Holy Hand Grenade Cake

[Source:  Worms on Facebook]

I could be wrong, but judging by all of the amazing Star Wars cakes I have posted in the past, it seems like a logical conclusion to say that Star Wars fans are also huge cake lovers.

In the past, I have posted a couple of cool AT-AT cakes including a kind of squished looking AT-AT cake and an AT-AT cake with an incredible amount of detail and I think the cake below fits somewhere between them.

This beautifully colored and slightly shiny AT-AT cake was created by Cake Central Member Odry Cakes.  I don’t know any of the yummy details of this cake but it is still fun to look at.  However, I am very curious to know what it is standing in.

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AT-AT Cake

Star Wars AT-AT Cake

[Source:  Odry Cakes via Between the Pages]