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It is always nice to see the cool things that people will do for their significant other for special occasions like their birthday.  At least when it comes to geeks, romance definitely isn’t dead and judging by cakes like this fantastic Portal birthday cake, it is alive and well!

Reddit user Fus_ro_dah_lady made this cake for her Portal loving test subject boyfriend who recently turned the big 26.

I love how the number candles were cut in half to look like they have gone halfway through the Portals.  I’m also kind of curious where they got the little turret as it is a nice addition.

I turn 26 in July so if anybody wants to make me a cake like this, I would be a very happy test subject!

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Portal Cake

Portal Birthday Cake

[Source:  Reddit]

Despite how much other people like wearing rings, they have never really been my thing.  There are a lot of them that look really cool but I just don’t like something stuck around my fingers.  However, even though I may not be one for wearing rings, I know that many of you are so speaking of cool rings, I stumbled across an awesome TARDIS ring I thought the Doctor Who fans would love.

Artfire seller is selling this neat TARDIS ring for $15.95.  Apparently the ring is 15mm wide and the size is adjustable for those of you without fingers of that exact dimension.  If I was a ring person, I would definitely be getting one because it is a pretty cool design.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Ring


[Source:  Artfire via Fashionably Geek]

I just got into playing Starcraft II a couple of nights ago and while I can’t say it is my favorite RTS game, it is definitely quite fun.  Unlike most RTS gamers, I never really got into it much with the original from years ago as I spent my childhood addicted to the Command and Conquer and Age of Empires games.  However, with as much as I am enjoying Starcraft II, I might have to go back and give the original another spin.

Even though I am not yet a hardcore Starcraft fan, I can still appreciate this amazing Kerrigan cosplay which I am sure the longtime fans will love!

DeviantART user Jessica Dru is the gorgeous girl sporting this spectacular Kerrigan cosplay.  If you think this looks identical to the game, you would probably be right as the costume itself is the same one the Blizzard used for official promotions.  I’d say she wears it well!

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Starcraft Ghost Cosplay

Starcraft Kerrigan Cosplay

Starcraft Kerrigan Cosplay

Starcraft Ghost Cosplay

[Source:  Jessica Dru via Fashionably Geek]

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of the Mega Man games on the NES.  I have always been a sucker for a good platformer and in those days, Mega Man was one of the best.  Speaking of games, I was also a big fan of the classic board game Operation when I was a kid.  While I haven’t played Operation in years, I would love to play it again if I had a Mega Man version!

Etsy seller KodykoalaToys is selling this awesome Mega Man Operation game they made for $225.  Instead of featuring Mega Man as the patient you are operating on, it features Guts Man, one of the characters from the game.  Apparently the parts from that you are removing come from the Ironman Operation (which I didn’t even know existed).

I don’t have the money to be buying this myself but if you do, I would suggest it as it seems pretty cool!

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GutsMan Operation Board Game

MegaMan Operation Board Game

[Source:  Etsy via Neatorama]

Thanks to the busy holiday season, I never did make it to the theater to check out the Hobbit movie although from everything I have heard about it, I am really looking forward to seeing it when it comes out on Blu-ray.  However, apparently there was one happy couple that got to see the movie and loved it so much they ended up having a spectacular Hobbit inspired wedding cake!

This amazing and insanely detailed Hobbit cake was created by Tiffany’s Baking Company in North Carolina.  I’d say without a doubt, it is one of the most detailed and realistic looking cakes I have ever seen.  I’d say Tiffany must be one heck of a talented cake maker!

For those looking for more of a winter Hobbit themed cake, check out the winter Hobbit cake I posted not long ago.

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Lord of the Rings Wedding Cake

Hobbit Wedding Cake

[Source:  Tiffany’s Baking Company via That's Nerdalicious]

Not only are the Borderlands games really fun, but they seem to inspire some rather spectacular cosplay too!  Previously, I posted some amazing Lilith cosplay as well as some pictures featuring the cosplay of Lilith, Mordecai, and a Psycho which were quite impressive too.  However this time, I found a picture of five Borderlands cosplayers dressed as characters from the game.

In this awesome Borderlands cosplay group photo was posted by Reddit user mightysox (the guy in the Psycho cosplay) and it features some great Scarlett, Moxxi, Lilith, Salvador and Psycho cosplay.  I’m not sure who the other cosplayers are but the ladies are quite beautiful!  Apparently this picture was taken at some event called MAGfest which must be a pretty cool event if people are cosplaying like this!

Very well done Borderlands cosplay!

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Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Group Cosplay

[Source:  Reddit]