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Doesn’t it seem like the electrical boxes you see sticking out of the ground everywhere are a little boring?  I have long thought that electrical boxes need to be painted up to either blend in better rather than just being a big grey box sticking out of the ground or be used as a canvas by local artists to display cool art which I think could bring a lot to different communities.  Well, it looks like that is just what one graffiti artist did!

This awesome Game Boy graffiti art picture was posted by reddit user cookiesbro who apparently stumbled across this awesome electrical box painted to look like a classic Game Boy.  Unfortunately I don’t know who the artist is that is responsible for it (if you know, please let us know who did this in the comments so we can give them credit), but I think they did a great job!  I just hope they had permission to do this.

If you love this electrical box art, I definitely suggest checking out the Super Mario Bros warp pipe and piranha plant electrical box I posted back in August.

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Game Boy Graffiti

Game Boy Graffiti Art

[Source:  Reddit]

It doesn’t happen very often where I live, but once in a great while you will see somebody with a license plate bracket for bumper sticker says “My other car is a (insert iconic sci-fi vehicle here)!”  If they are a Doctor Who fan, it will say the TARDIS, if they are a Star Wars fan it will say the Death Star, ect.  While I have never done this to my car (I’m not one for putting goofy decorations on my car), I would definitely wear this t-shirt that serves the same purpose!

The super geeks over at TeeFury are selling this awesome My Other Ride is a ______ t-shirt for just $10 today only (they are also selling another shirt called Tools of the Trade today too but I don’t think it is quite as cool)!  This shirt was designed by damianliska.  Whether you dream your other ride to be the TARDIS, the Ghostbusters car or even the Technodrome, there is something on this shirt for any geek!

If this shirt brings a smile to your face, don’t delay in buying it as it is on sale today only!  As a huge TeeFury customer (more than half of my shirts have come from them), I can vouch for the high quality of the shirts so don’t be afraid of getting a cheap shirt just because the price is ridiculously cheap!

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My Other Ride Is A T-Shirt

My Other Ride Is A Shirt

[Source:   TeeFury]

Having gone all digital in my reading, I can’t say I really have much use for physical books anymore.  All of the books I own just collect dust in my basement now but if I had any decent papercraft skills, I would try to reproduce this awesome papercraft X-Wing that one artist was commissioned to make out of a couple of Star Wars books.

Artist Jodi took pages from three Star Wars books and sculpted them into an amazing papercraft X-Wing fighter.  The result ended up being really cool (if it hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t be posting about it) and I am very jealous of whoever had it made for them.  I would love to have something like this sitting on my desk but that would require a bigger desk first as I am all out of room on my current one.

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Papercraft Star Wars X-Wing

Papercraft X-Wing

[Source:  Jodi via Nerd Approved]

You know you are a Legend of Zelda obsessed parent when you build your baby a crib with the Hylian Crest and Zelda’s Lullaby on the side of it.  Of course there is nothing wrong with that and actually I consider that to be parenting done right!  Seriously, whoever came up with this idea should be nominated for parent of the year.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who built this awesome Legend of Zelda crib to give them credit or try to nominate them for parent of the year, so if you know who made this, please let us know in the comments below!

However, what I really want to know is if the parent that made this also has an ocarina and plays Zelda’s Lullaby for their baby on it?

Of course the next logical step is that once that baby has outgrown the crib, the parents turn the bedroom into the ultimate Zelda kids room like I posted previously.

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Legend of Zelda Baby Crib

Legend of Zelda Crib

[via Nerd Approved]

Even though I know I could never afford one, one of the things I seem to enjoy blogging about most is geeky furniture, specifically coffee tables.  I have posted several really cool ones in the past such as the Millennium Falcon coffee table and the Star Trek Enterprise coffee table, but now I have found an X-Wing coffee table I will be dreaming about for a while.

The amazing coffee table builder Barry Shields (the same guy that made the Enterprise table I mentioned above) is the craftsman that made this stunningly beautiful Star Wars X-Wing coffee table.

Apparently this geektastic X-Wing coffee table took nearly six months to build and was made from poplar, pine and black walnut wood.  I would definitely say it was well worth the time spent!

Although I don’t know when, it is apparently supposed to go up for sale on Barry’s site with his other creations but don’t expect it to be cheap.  The Enterprise table costs $3,100 and it doesn’t seem to have as much detail as this so I would say you will be looking at paying at least that if you want this awesome X-Wing coffee table.

If only I had the money…

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Star Wars X-Wing Table

Star Wars X-Wing Coffee Table

[Source:  Barry Shields via Geek Alerts]

Several months ago, I posted a picture of a guy I declared to be the King of Nintendo 64.  It seemed like an obvious title at the time considering he was covered in armor made of Nintendo 64 consoles and game cartridges as well as he had a sword made of a couple of controllers and a bunch of games.  Well, I wouldn’t call the guy below the King of the N64, but it feels like it should have a similar title because of the massive GoldenEye N64 game cartridge costume he is wearing.

The guy sporting this awesome GoldenEye Nintendo 64 cartridge as a costume is reddit user calteoh.  I’d say it is a very clever costume idea although not very practical.  I mean, when this guy goes to take a leak, he will be occupying three urinals instead of one.  And that’s just rude.

No matter how many urinals this costume takes up, it is still one of the coolest costume ideas I have ever seen.

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GoldenEye Nintendo 64 Costume

GoldenEye Nintendo 64 Game Cartridge Costume

[Source:  Reddit]