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Millennium Falcon Pizza

Jeremy Bray —  September 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Anybody that has been following Global Geek News for any decent length of time knows that I am addicted to pizza.  Never does a week go by where I don’t eat at least two pizzas and sometimes three.  My personal record is fifteen days in a row of pizza (one day I will break this but right now my new diet won’t let me) and if it wasn’t for circumstances preventing it, it wouldn’t have stopped there.

Well, speaking of pizza, about a month ago I posted a delicious looking Boba Fett pizza and since it seems people like the combination of Star Wars and pizza, I thought I would share this delicious looking Millennium Falcon pizza!

I am not certain, but I think the creator of this delicious looking Millennium Falcon pizza was the person behind the ‘I Love to Geek’ Facebook page.  I’d say they did a pretty good job putting this together!

It is a good thing that tonight is one of my usual pizza nights because this Millennium Falcon really has me craving some pizza.

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pizza

Millennium Falcon Pizza

[Source:  I Love to Geek]

Whether you are a fan of Doctor Who or Torchwood, I think it is safe to assume that like the rest of the Whovian universe, you are probably a fan of Captain Jack Harkness.  I know he is probably my favorite Doctor Who character aside from the 10th Doctor of course.

Well, if you love Captain Jack like I do, then I have a feeling you will be just as excited about this awesome Captain Jack of Hearts t-shirt as I am that is on sale today!

The amazing geeks over at TeeFury are selling this fantastic Captain Jack of Hearts tee designed by WinterArtwork for just $11 today only!  Whether you have the other Doctor Who inspired card shirts from WinterArtwork and you are wanting to complete the series or you just want a cool Captain Jack shirt, then I’d recommend getting this shirt before its gone!

Also, buying the shirt after clicking the link above or the source link below helps support Global Geek News as they are affiliate links and we get a small percentage of the sale when we refer you so if you want to support us, go buy the shirt!

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Captain Jack Harkness T-Shirt

Captain Jack of Hearts T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

I can’t say I have ever been one who has really wanted a chandelier even if I did have a tall enough ceiling for it but after seeing this incredible NES zapper chandelier now I really want one.  Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that you could make a chandelier out of old Nintendo zappers.  I guess I’m just not creative enough to come up with something that cool.  However, the are some guys clever enough to come up with an idea like this!

The guys at build this awesome zapper chandelier with a dozen NES zapper guns, a dozen candalabra sockets, about 20 feet of wire and a few other odds and ends that ended up costing them just $200 and about 15 hours to build.  That seems like a pretty cheap cost to build something like that considering I’m sure you could sell it to a gamer for several times its cost.

Apparently the owner wanted to hang this in his house above the dining room table but his wife said no so now it hangs in the warehouse office.  He must really love her because that sounds like the perfect reason for a divorce to me.

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NES Zapper Chandelier

NES Zapper Chandelier

NES Zapper Chandelier

Nintendo NES Zapper Chandelier

Nintendo NES Zapper Chandelier

NES Zapper Gun Chandelier

[Source: via Nerd Approved]

It never ceases to amaze me the crazy and awesome things that artistic people come up with.  I know I am not the artistic type just because I would never conceive of something as crazy and apparently awesome as Darth Vader combined with a tank in the style of steampunk.  I often wish I had been born as more of an artistic type but as long as I can at least appreciate cool art, that is good enough for me.  Speaking of cool art in the form of a steampunk Darth Vader Tank, the creation below is pretty neat!

Artist Gabriel Dishaw is the creator of this awesome Darth Vader tank and to build it, he used a toy tank (obviously), computer parts, typewriter parts, airplane parts, wire and more.  He was selling this work of art for $1000 but it looks like I was a little slow in posting about this because it is sold already.  I wouldn’t mind being the proud owner of it but I can’t afford to spend that much just to have a cool Darth Vader tank.

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Darth Vader Steampunk Tank

Darth Vader Tank

Darth Vader Tank

Darth Vader Steampunk Tank

Darth Vader Tank

Darth Vader Steampunk Tank

[Source:  Gabriel Dishaw via Nerd Approved]

It has been a long time since I have posted a geeky musical instrument so when I saw this TARDIS ukulele, I knew I had to post it.  There is nothing better than combining my two greatest loves, science fiction and music!

In the past, I posted a really cool Doctor Who inspired TARDIS guitar better known as the GuiTARDIS but you don’t see ukuleles that often which I think makes this TARDIS ukulele even more special.

Etsy seller (the maker of the Pac-Man ukulele I posted in the past) is selling this fantastic TARDIS ukulele for $700.  I really have no idea if that is a good price as I have never looked into buying a ukulele before but I would guess it is a decent price considering the awesome TARDIS design.  Feel free to correct me in the comments below if I am way off about that.

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If you or somebody you know happens to get this, send us a video of you playing it and we will share it on here!

TARDIS Ukulele

Doctor Who TARDIS Ukulele

Doctor Who TARDIS Ukulele

TARDIS Ukulele

[Source:  Etsy via Geeks are Sexy]

A long time ago, I posted some Star Wars inspired Stormtrooper latte art that looking back in comparison to all of the other latte art I have posted is so ugly I probably should have never posted it.  It was a decent effort but looking back, it just wasn’t up to the quality standards I try to hold this site up to.  However, today I have found some great Stormtrooper latte art that is worthy of being on Global Geek News!

Sadly, I have no idea who the talented barista is that made this awesome work of Star Wars latte art but they did a great job!  If you know who made this awesome Stormtrooper latte art, let us know in the comments below so they can get the credit they deserve!

I’m not a coffee drinker but I could probably use a nice cup of Stormtrooper right about now.  Waking up at 4am with an extremely upset stomach is not fun and now I am so tired I will probably end up falling asleep at work.  At least the weekend is almost here!

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Stormtrooper Latte Art

Star Wars Stormtrooper Latte Art

[via Reddit]