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When I see a woman with an excessive amount of eye makeup, I can’t help but think of Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.  However, I don’t think she can hold a candle to the amazing eye makeup I have posted here on Global Geek News.  In the past, I posted some amazing R2-D2 eye makeup as well as some stunning Nightmare Before Christmas eye makeup, but I think this Star Trek eye makeup blows them away.

Sahily, a beauty and fashion blogger from Florida found herself inspired by the Star Trek Into Darkness movie poster despite not liking the series or the movie and decided to make some eye makeup that looked just like the poster.  I think it turned out looking quite amazing!

I have to admit that while I am a huge Star Trek fan, I haven’t seen Into Darkness as I hated the first Star Trek movie so bad I nearly threw my TV out the window.  Maybe I will see it someday but not at the crazy prices the movie theaters want.  In fact, I may have to be paid to see it.  If anybody wants to pay for my movie ticket, I will grit my teeth and go see it.

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Star Trek Into Darkness Makeup

Star Trek Into Darkness Eye Makeup

[Source:  Pretty In Pigment]

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were always one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, not to mention the video games, movies and toys.  I’m not sure why I identified so much with them as a kid but I would guess it has something to do with my addiction to pizza.  I might not as adventurous when it comes to cooky pizza combinations (I do like pepperoni and strawberries though) but I would at least be willing to give some of the combinations from the cartoon a shot like the guys did in the video I posted a long time ago.

Speaking of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, if you enjoyed it growing up like I did, I think I have found the perfect shirt for you!

The awesome folks over at 80sTees are selling this TMNT Turtle Power shirt for just $20!

I can honestly say I would have never come up with the idea of associating the turtle power slogan with a hamster wheel hooked up to a generator.  It is a very clever concept!

I miss those old cartoons!

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TMNT Turtle Power T-Shirt

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Power Shirt

[Source:  80sTees]

In the past, I have posted a ton of Super Mario Bros themed wedding cakes and they are all amazing.  However, I think this incredible Super Mario Bros wedding cake is officially my favorite and should the day come that I get married, I want one just like it!  I am blown away by the level of detail on this cake.

While I am not positive who made this incredible cake, I would guess it was created by Cakecrumbs judging by the watermark on the photo.  If not and you know who created this great cake, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them the credit they absolutely deserve!  I can’t even imagine the time involved in getting a cake to look this detailed and good but I would say it was well worth it!

Normally, this would be where I go into my anti-fondant rant because no matter how good it makes cakes look, I think it tastes like crap and is just evil, but I’m not going to rant about that today.  Instead, I am just going to appreciate this cake for its beauty and point out that I can’t remember the vines in the Mario Bros classics ending in a little loop like that which I think hurts the authentic feel of this cake.  Also, where are the Mario and Peach cake toppers?!  You can’t have a Mario wedding cake without those!

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Super Mario Wedding Cake

Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake

[Via Nerdgasmic and Dorktastic]

When I think about soapbox derbies, I usually think of it as a kids activity.  Not because we ever had any soapbox derbies where I grew up because we didn’t, but because growing up, I always saw kids driving them on tv and in the movies.  However, apparently they aren’t just for kids anymore and they no longer look like they cost $2 and a tetanus shot to create.

Thanks to some warp engines, Rob Wixey is sure to beat all the competition in any soapbox race with his spectacular Star Trek Enterprise soapbox car.  Apparently he built this amazing Enterprise soapbox car to compete in the Red Bull Soapbox Race on July 14th in London so if you are in the area, I suggest going so you can check this out in person!

I wish I could be at the race just to see the look of fear this instills in the other competitors.  I know I would never stand a chance in a race against the Enterprise!  I bet Rob could beat anybody with just his impulse engines.

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USS Enterprise Soapbox Car

Star Trek Enterprise Soapbox Derby Car

[Source:  Redbull via Neatorama]

As one might expect, I tend to meet a lot of geeks but I don’t think I have ever met one that doesn’t have a preference between Star Trek or Star Wars.  I think most geeks enjoy both but they usually have a preference for one or the other.  Personally, I am a Star Trek guy although I still enjoy Star Wars too but I don’t watch it nearly as much as I watch Star Trek.

Well, speaking of people who like both Star Trek and Star Wars, I think I have found a t-shirt that combines the two that you are really going to love.

The awesome folks over at TShirtBordello have this awesome May The Force Be With You shirt on sale right now for just $10.  The shirt normally runs $15 and I am not sure how long this sale will last so if you love both Star Trek and Star Wars, order it now before the price goes back up!  Nothing says I wish you well to both Star Trek and Star Wars fans than a shirt with a Vulcan solute that says may the force be with you.

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May The Force Be With You Shirt

May The Force Be With You Star Wars and Star Trek Shirt

[Source:  TShirtBordello]

Having a small safe for keeping little things out of the hands of the other people in your house of apartment can be quite convenient.  I’m not talking about some 75 pound fireproof safe, but something small enough that can sit on your desk and hold important items like a watch, ring or perhaps a Roku remote.  Well, if you love Doctor Who and have an iPhone or Android phone, I think I have found the perfect small safe for you!

The nerderific folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe that uses iPhones and Android phones for just $49.99!

How does this safe work exactly since there isn’t an obvious key slot?  Apparently you slide your Android or iPhone into the top of the TARDIS safe which activates a pressure switch, then you have to launch an app and enter a security code and presto!  The TARDIS light will blink, the materialization sound will be played and the door will pop open (assuming you entered the right code).  Pretty cool huh?

If you are a Doctor Who fan with a desire to keep small things out of the hands of others, you can’t go wrong with this phone activated TARDIS safe!

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Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe

Doctor Who TARDIS Smart Safe for iPhone and Android

Doctor Who Smart Safe Inside

Doctor Who Smart Safe Inside

[Source:  ThinkGeek]