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Although I still play new levels of Angry Birds when they come out, I have largely kicked my addiction to playing Angry Birds.  While I still enjoy playing the game, eventually you get to the point that you realize you aren’t going to score any higher on the levels so you just kind of give up.  Well, for those that also enjoy some Angry Birds action, I thought you might enjoy these awesome Angry Birds shoes!

The awesome custom shoe people in Thailand known as What’s Shop are the artists behind this amazing pair of hand-painted Angry Birds Converse shoes.  If they sound familiar, that is because I have posted many of their amazing custom shoes in the past such as the stunning Super Mario Bros shoes.  I have yet to see a pair of shoes that they don’t do an amazing job with!

Although I don’t know what they charge, they do take custom orders for anybody who would like awesome shoes like these!

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Hand-Painted Angry Birds Shoes

Custom Angry Birds Shoes

[Source:  What’s Shop]

For anybody who is a long time player of the Worms turn based strategy games, one of your favorite weapons is likely to be the Holy Hand Grenade.  When I play a Worms game (I have them all not counting the 3D ones I have no desire to go anywhere near), I always go with a Holy Hand Grenade whenever the situation allows for it since it can do some serious damage!

Well, for those Worms fans out there that love hearing HALLELUJA followed by an explosion, then I have the shirt for you!  The awesome folks over at TeeFury are selling this Worms inspired Holy Hand Grenade t-shirt for $10 today only!  It is the perfect thing to wear when blowing thine enemy worms to bits!


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Holy Hand Grenade T-Shirt

Worms Holy Hand Grenade T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

With Borderlands 2 coming out next week, I thought it seemed appropriate to post perhaps the most amazing Borderlands cosplay I have seen!  These guys look like they are ready to kick butt and take names!

These pictures originate from DeviantART user MadameSpontaneous (the woman in the pictures).  I’m not sure who the guys are but they look awesome too!  The level of detail in the cosplay is quite impressive, as is the photography itself!  The detail on the weapons is fantastic!  They definitely did a great job!

This is about all of the motivation I need to get off my butt and finally play Borderlands so I am ready to play Borderlands 2 when it comes out next week!  For those looking for a little more motivation, check out this hilarious Borderlands marriage proposal video!

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Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

Borderlands Cosplay

[Source:  MadameSpontaneous via Fashionably Geek]

It seems like few women decide to get creative and do something fun with their pregnant belly while they have the opportunity.  In the past, I posted about one woman that turned her belly into the Death Star but I haven’t seen anybody else do anything geeky like that since.  Until now!

I’m not sure who this woman is (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give her credit as well as whoever did this belly painting if she didn’t do it herself), but she decided to paint Krang from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons on her pregnant belly.  I’m kind of surprised how great it looks too!  Lets just hope the baby doesn’t look like Krang when it pops out!


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Pregnant Belly Krang from the TMNT

Pregnant Belly Krang

[Source:  CollegeHumor via Fashionably Geek]

Is your favorite Doctor from Doctor Who the 11th Doctor?  Do you also like to wear skirts?  Then I have found the 11th Doctor skirt for you!  Not only is this a fantastic Doctor Who skirt, it is also one-of-a-kind!

Etsy seller luv2right is the person that created and is selling this one-of-a-kind Doctor Who skirt for $40.  The skirt not only features the 11th Doctor, but it also has several Daleks as well.  As for what size this is to know if it will fit you or not, The waist can fit somebody with a 26″-46″ waist and the length is 18″.

Personally, the 10th Doctor is my favorite and I don’t wear skirts so this isn’t something I would wear, but I highly recommend it to lovers of Matt Smith.

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Doctor Who Skirt

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Skirt

[Source:  Etsy]


Thanks to a multitude of geeky daily deal t-shirt sites, Doctor Who is slowly taking over my closet.  I don’t even know how many Doctor Who shirts I have now but I just can’t get enough of Doctor Who!  Well, for the big Doctor Who fans like myself, I have stumbled upon this awesome Sonic Screwdriver blueprint t-shirt!

The awesome folks over at Redbubble is selling this fantastic Doctor Who inspired Sonic Screwdriver blueprint t-shirt for $24.54.  This shirt features the blueprint for a Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver which is the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

Personally, I prefer the Sonic Screwdriver from the 9th and 10th Doctor but I would still love to wear this funny t-shirt!

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Sonic Screwdriver Blueprint Shirt

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Blueprint Shirt

[Source:  Redbubble via Fashionably Geek]