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It seems pretty common to see some video game character cosplay (the Super Mario Bros girls would be a great example), but its not often you see people cosplay as the actual video game consoles.  In fact this might be the only time I have ever seen anybody do this!

I’m not sure who these three video game console cosplayers are (if you know, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them credit), but apparently they were spotted at the Tokyo Game Show.

As awesome as these video game console helmets are, I have to wonder who would dress up as a GameCube?!  I can understand the Xbox Logo and the PlayStation, but a GameCube?!  To each their own I suppose, but if there is one console I have that has collected more dust than my Wii, it would be my GameCube.

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PS1, Xbox and GameCube Game Console Cosplay

Video Game Console Cosplay

[Source:  Kotaku via Fashionably Geek]

I’ve posted some pretty spectacular Assassin’s Creed cosplay on here in the past, but there is something different that sets this Assassin’s Creed cosplay apart from all of the others.  Not only is it cosplay from Assassin’s Creed III and features more than one person, it also has a much grittier, dirtier look than anything else I have ever seen that lends it more credibility.

This phenomenal Assassin’s Creed III cosplay featuring Conner and Aveline was created by DeviantART user RBF-productions.  The costumes were made by Rick Boer.  Rick is the guy cosplaying as Conner Kenway, Dominique Boer is the girl sporting the very impressive Aveline de Grandpre cosplay, and the photography was done by Frank Molnar.

You can find a bunch of more pictures including closeups  of the costumes over at RBF-productions on DeviantART which is worth checking out as they are all spectacular!

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Assassins Creed III Cosplay

Assassins Creed III Connor Kenway and Aveline de Grandpre Cosplay

Assassins Creed III Cosplay

Assassins Creed III Conner and Aveline Cosplay

[Source:  RBF-productions via Fashionably Geek]

Like many, some of my all time favorite movies are the Indiana Jones movies.  Since they are on TV constantly, I seem to constantly be watching them when I have nothing better to do.  Just the other night, I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark for the millionth time since it was on TV and nothing better was on.  Well, for those who also love Indiana Jones, I have found the perfect Indiana Jones shirt for you!

The awesome folks over at TeeFury are selling this awesome Indiana Jones Adventurer’s Crest T-shirt for $10 today only!  If you are an India Jones fan or know somebody who is, this shirt is a must buy!  As a long time customer of TeeFury, I can vouch for their t-shirts as they are always high quality so there is no need to worry about $10 only getting you a crappy shirt.  You can order with confidence!

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Indiana Jones Crest T-Shirt

Indiana Jones Adventurer’s Crest T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]

Do you love Doctor Who and enjoy wearing fake fingernails?  Then I have found the ultimate Doctor Who fake fingernails for you!  Personally, I have never understood the appeal of fake fingernails as I don’t find long fingernails to be attractive and when I have more than a weeks worth of growth on my own fingernails, it drives me crazy!  Anyway…

Etsy seller NailedItBoutique is selling these fantastic Doctor Who fake fingernails for $5.85!  With them, you get a couple that look like the Dalek, one of the Doctor Who logo, a Cybermen fake fingernail and a 11th Doctor bow tie inspired fake nail.  And of course no Doctor Who fake fingernail collection would be complete without a TARDIS, so there is one of those too!

One thing to note is that these are shipped from the UK, so if you aren’t in the UK and decide to order these, do expect to be paying a little more in shipping and it to take a little while to get to you.

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Doctor Who Fake Nails

Doctor Who Fake Fingernails

[Source:  Etsy via Fashionably Geek]

Although I still play new levels of Angry Birds when they come out, I have largely kicked my addiction to playing Angry Birds.  While I still enjoy playing the game, eventually you get to the point that you realize you aren’t going to score any higher on the levels so you just kind of give up.  Well, for those that also enjoy some Angry Birds action, I thought you might enjoy these awesome Angry Birds shoes!

The awesome custom shoe people in Thailand known as What’s Shop are the artists behind this amazing pair of hand-painted Angry Birds Converse shoes.  If they sound familiar, that is because I have posted many of their amazing custom shoes in the past such as the stunning Super Mario Bros shoes.  I have yet to see a pair of shoes that they don’t do an amazing job with!

Although I don’t know what they charge, they do take custom orders for anybody who would like awesome shoes like these!

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Hand-Painted Angry Birds Shoes

Custom Angry Birds Shoes

[Source:  What’s Shop]

For anybody who is a long time player of the Worms turn based strategy games, one of your favorite weapons is likely to be the Holy Hand Grenade.  When I play a Worms game (I have them all not counting the 3D ones I have no desire to go anywhere near), I always go with a Holy Hand Grenade whenever the situation allows for it since it can do some serious damage!

Well, for those Worms fans out there that love hearing HALLELUJA followed by an explosion, then I have the shirt for you!  The awesome folks over at TeeFury are selling this Worms inspired Holy Hand Grenade t-shirt for $10 today only!  It is the perfect thing to wear when blowing thine enemy worms to bits!


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Holy Hand Grenade T-Shirt

Worms Holy Hand Grenade T-Shirt

[Source:  TeeFury]