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  • Decal Girl Has Great Skins for All Your Favorite Gadgets [Review]

    Just over seven years ago I used to be obsessed with hacking Sony’s PSP gaming handheld and spent many hours hanging out in forums where other PSP enthusiasts were talking about everything PSP related that Sony didn’t want you to know about.  Although I didn’t have the skills at the time to be one of […]

  • This iPad Cake Looks as Good as the Real Thing! [pic]

    Ever since I go my iPad 2 around a year and a half ago, it has never left my side.  I always take it with me wherever I go so that if I need to write some notes, look something up or just kill a few minutes with a game of Angry Birds or Worms, […]

  • Star Trek TNG Worf Uniform Knitted iPad Case [pic]

    To protect my iPad, I have a nice leather case.  When I bought it, I never really cared much about the case, I just got it because it had a bluetooth keyboard that came attached to it (with magnets).  However, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and certainly wasn’t worth the money.  […]

  • Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Time-y Wimey iPhone Case [pic]

    I have to admit, I am extremely jealous of iPhone owners.  Not because I think iPhones are the best phones on the market (even if I am a big fan of iOS), but because the three year old Motorola i1 Android 1.5 phone I am stuck with sucks more than a $2 hooker.  As soon […]

  • The Millennium Falcon Dual PC/MAC Case Mod [pic + video]

    One of my favorite parts about LAN parties are the case mod competitions that are known to take place.  I’ve seen everything from computers made to look like treasure chests to computers that are built into the tank of toilets.  However, out of all of the case mods I have seen, this Millennium Falcon computer […]

  • Nintendo Game Boy Inspired iPad Envelope Case [pic]

    A lot of people seem to think that mobile phones and tablets like the iPad are the future of mobile gaming and I think those people are idiots.  Sure, touchscreen interfaces works great for games like Angry Birds or Worms, but have you ever tried playing an FPS game like  Duke Nukem 3D on an […]