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Super Mario Bros Cat Tree [pic]

Jeremy Bray —  February 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

Being a big lover of cats and having a couple myself, it is safe to say I am a big fan of cool cat trees.  In the past, I have posted some really cool ones like the Star Trek cat tree (my favorite) and even a TARDIS cat playhouse.  Well, now we can add Super Mario Bros to the list with this cat tree that any cat is sure to love!

Super Mario Bros fan and Instructables user Geckoo_Designs created this amazing Super Mario Bros cat tree for their cat.  Although I think the lighting of this picture is a little poor to be able to get a really good look at the cat tree, it is good enough.

For those interested in making their own Super Mario Bros cat tree, although its not up yet, Geckoo_Designs plans on putting up a guide for building your own.  The guide is supposed to be up within the next week so keep an eye on his Instructables account if you want to find out how you can tackle this DIY Super Mario Bros cat tree.

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Super Mario Cat Tree

Super Mario Bros Cat Tree

[Source:  Instructables via Neatorama]

Star Trek Nail Tattoos [pic]

Jeremy Bray —  February 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

Until today, I have never heard of fingernail tattoos before.  I have heard of fake fingernails and I have posted a ton of amazing fingernail art paint jobs that people have done both on here and my other blog, Fanboy Fashion, but I have never come across the term nail tattoos before today.  While I may not be that familiar with them, if the Star Trek nail tattoos below are any indication, they are an awesome idea!

Etsy seller originails is selling these awesome Star Trek fingernail tattoos for $4.76. You get a sheet of these things so it seems like a pretty good price, especially if you love Spock, the Vulcan solute or the Klingons.

In case you aren’t familiar with fingernail tattoos, from what I can tell of the instructions for putting them on, they are kind of like a decal that you can put on top of your painted nails.

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Star Trek Nail Tattoos

Star Trek Fingernail Tattoos

Star Trek Fingernail Tattoos

Star Trek Nail Tattoos

[Source:  Etsy]

Most no trespassing signs tend to be rather plain and boring.  The majority of the signs I see simply say “No Trespassing” and that is it.  Once in a while you will see something about a guard dog being on duty or whatever but that is about creative as most people seem to get at least where I live.  Well, for those that want something a little more entertaining and geekier, I suggest having a sign made like the Doctor Who one below!

I’m not sure who the original creator of this sign is although I have seen a number of similar ones on sites like Etsy for those interested in owning a Dalek no trespassing sign.

Now, if only somebody created some sort of Roomba / automated turret hybrid that looked like a Dalek, it would bring some real meaning to this Dalek no trespassing sign!

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Doctor Who No Trespassing Sign

Doctor Who Dalek No Trespassing Sign

[via Reddit]

One of my favorite things about going to sci-fi conventions is to see the women dressed in Vulcan cosplay.  I know that sounds a little odd considering all of the great things that can be seen and done at sci-fi cons but for some reason, I find the pointy ear thing extremely attractive.  What can I say?  Some guys like odd body parts like feet (eww!) and I like pointy ears.  Anyway…

This super sexy femme Spock cosplay is being modeled by the beautiful Dezi Desire.  I don’t know if she is as good of an actress as Leonard Nemoy but I would say she looks better in heels.  I’d also rather see her stomach and legs over Nemoy’s any day, especially with as old and wrinkly as he is now.  Enjoy that mental image!

These stunning femme Spock cosplay pictures were taken by Wandering Dana.

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Female Spock Cosplay

Star Trek Femme Spock Cosplay

Femme Spock Cosplay

Star Trek Female Spock Cosplay

[Source:  GeekxGirls]

Ever since I go my iPad 2 around a year and a half ago, it has never left my side.  I always take it with me wherever I go so that if I need to write some notes, look something up or just kill a few minutes with a game of Angry Birds or Worms, I can do that.  However, I would not consider myself as obsessed with it as some people although I wouldn’t mind if somebody made me an amazing iPad cake like this.

This This incredibly realistic cake that looks like an iPad sitting on its box was created by Berliosca Cake Boutique.  These guys are obviously the people to call if you want an Apple themed cake!  This cake is so simple and elegant, you would think it was actually made by Apple!

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iPad Cake

Apple iPad Cake

[Source:  Berliosca Cake Boutique via Between the Pages]

Lately, I have been thinking that I need a chair more suited to my level of nerdiness than my plain old office chair.  Of course my initial thought was trying to find a bunch of broken video game cartridges and building a throne of video games like the throne of games I posted a long time ago.  However, considering I don’t game as much as I use to and spend most of my time pounding away at a keyboard, I think a keyboard throne like the one below would be much more appropriate for me.

The crafter of this spectacular keyboard throne is Mike DeWolfe.  He took a chair and 20+ keyboards and shaped and melted them into this awesome nerd throne.

I’m not sure if this would be the most comfortable throne in the world but it is a throne fit for the king of nerds (me)!

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Nerd Throne

Keyboard Throne

[Source:  Mike DeWolfe via Obvious Winner]