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One of my favorite games growing up was Tetris.  While I don’t play it much these days, it is still one of my all time favorite games.  As a kid, I used to be damn good at it.  I would never have a game where I would have less than 200 lines.  I believe my record was 303 lines although I would say my average game was somewhere around 275.  At that point, it gets pretty impossible.

Well, if you are also a fellow Tetris lover, Etsy seller gemsgemsOnEtsy is selling this awesome Tetris necklace for just $15 that I am sure you will love!  They are made to order and you can specify things like color and braid so if this isn’t quite your style, you still have options.  I am very tempted to order one for myself as soon as I finish this post!

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Tetris Necklace Pendant

Tetris Necklace

[Source:  Etsy]

Angry Birds cakes and Star Wars cakes are quite common these days, but you don’t see too many Angry Birds Star Wars cakes.  In fact, I think the only one I have seen before today is the Angry Birds Star Wars cake I posted a while back with a giant Chewbacca bird on it.  Well, as nice as that cake was, it can’t hold a candle to this amazing Angry Birds Star Wars cake!

This beautiful Angry Birds Star Wars cake was created by Lori’s Sweet Cakes for her son’s 7th birthday.  I hope her son realizes just how lucky he is to get a multiple tier cake for his birthday, much less one that looks this good!  My mom used to be a cake maker and I don’t even get cakes like this!

For those unfamiliar with the movies or at least the game, the levels represent The Death Star (the top), the middle layer is Tatooine, and the bottom layer is Hoth.  No details on what kind of cake it is though.

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Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Cake

Angry Birds Star Wars Cake

[Source:  Lori’s Sweet Cakes via Between the Pages]

Stained glass feels like a bit of a lost art these days because there are so few people that know how to make it.  It is still a pretty common thing to see in churches, but when was the last time you saw a lot of stained glass outside a religious building?  The fact that it is so rare is one of the reasons I post any nerdy stained glass I come across.

In the past, I have posted a 3D stained glass TARDIS and a 2D stained glass TARDIS with a bit more detail.  However, I think this TARDIS stained glass lantern blow those out of the water!

Etsy seller piecesofmyart is selling this Doctor Who TARDIS stained glass lantern for $150.  The lantern measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 14″ and takes 4 weeks to be made as they are made to order.  If you are a Doctor Who fan, this would be the perfect lantern to light any dark areas where there may be Weeping Angels hiding in the shadows!

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TARDIS Stained Glass Lantern

Doctor Who TARDIS Stained Glass Lantern

[Source:  Etsy]

Despite the fact that it seems like I have posted tons of Star Wars cakes (just search Star Wars cake on the right to find them all), I can’t recall any of them being an Imperial Star Destroyer cake.  Well, I think it is time for the Star Destroyer to take its spotlight in the cake world and I would say it is off to an amazing start with this Imperial Star Destroyer cake that even lights up!

Star Wars fan Lorenzo Wood made this spectacular Imperial Star Destroyer cake for his son Alexander’s birthday.  I’d say this kid is lucky to have one cool dad!

If the pictures and video below of the cake have you wondering just how this Star Destroyer birthday cake was made, check out the Flickr album where you can see a ton of pictures of the building process of this cake.

Come to the Dark Side!  We have cake!

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Star Destroyer Cake

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Cake

Star Destroyer Birthday Cake

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Cake Rear

[Source: Lorenzo Wood via Geekologie]

Considering I don’t drink beer, I would have absolutely no use for a beer pong table.  However, I still enjoy seeing really geeky beer pong tables.  In the past, I have posted a really cool Legend of Zelda inspired beer pong table as well as another Legend of Zelda beer pong table that is a map of the NES game.  Well, now it looks like the Pokemon world is getting in on the action with this amazing Pokemon beer pong table!

Reddit user legabwej created this amazing Pokemon beer pong table while in college (of course).  It is made to look like two people battling a Blastoise and a Charizard on a couple of Game Boy systems linked together with a cable.  I’d say he did a pretty amazing job with it!

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Pokemon Beer Pong Table

Pokemon Beer Pong Table

[Source:  Reddit]


Pokemon Logo

Having grown up playing the Pokemon games on my Game Boy handhelds as well as watching the cartoon every time it aired, I still find myself humming or even singing the Pokemon theme song (from the cartoon) on occasion.  I think it might just be the best theme song to a cartoon ever made although I am quite fond of the theme song to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the old cartoon, not the new one which is still really good but the theme song sucks).

Well, apparently I’m not the only one who likes the Pokemon theme song because YouTube user baracksdubs decided to hunt down and string together a bunch of President Barack Obama speech clips to make him appear to be singing the Pokemon theme song.  It is quite good!

I can’t even imagine how many hours of work this was tracking down the speeches, finding the right word, cutting the clips and then stitching it all together.  I am impressed!

Gotta Catch ‘em all!

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