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In the past, I have posted some pretty cool and very geeky mini fridges like the Borg Cube mini-fridge however I’m pretty sure that when it comes to geeky mini-fridges, the one below reigns supreme!  Anybody can put decals on their fridge to make it look like a GameBoy but one guy decided to take things to the next level and actually turn their mini-fridge into a playable Nintendo GameBoy!

This incredible GameBoy mini-fridge mod was done by Daniel d’Entremont a.k.a. Mod Purist.  This fridge is known as the Cold Boy and is not only a working fridge but it has an LCD screen and some large wooden buttons that are powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 which allows the fridge to run a GameBoy emulator to play GameBoy games like Pokemon.

Its definitely not the most portable GameBoy I have ever seen but it is perhaps the coolest.  Pun intended.

You can find more details of the build on the ModPurist website but if you just care about the finished project, check out the pictures and video below.

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Cold Boy Mini-Fridge

GameBoy Mini-Fridge

[Source:  ModPurist via That’s Nerdalicious]

I know I have been posting a lot of stuff revolving around the new Super Mario Maker lately and I promise I am just a huge Mario fanboy and not getting paid but I will try to stop after this post.  I spent a good part of my weekend watching people create and play some insane Mario levels on Twitch and then when I saw this video of Charles Martinet (the voice of Mario) playing Super Mario Maker with Nintendo Life, I knew I had to post it.

Does anybody else get a creepy feeling when they see this guy do Mario’s voice?  It always makes me feel a little weird when I see voice actors do the voices of characters and they don’t look like the person you would expect the characters voice to come from.  I got the same feeling when I saw Seth McFarlane do the voices for some of the characters in Family Guy.  Anyway, please let me know I am not alone in this feeling!

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I’ve been a fan of Super Mario Bros pretty much my entire life but I can’t say I have ever paid much attention to the various myths surrounding the franchise.  Well, with Super Mario Maker coming out tomorrow, Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto made a video addressing various myths about the games including who Mario was named after, whether the Mario shown on the original game’s box art is about to die, whether Super Mario Bros 3 was just a performance and many more!

Below I have posted the image that has apparently been going around for years that explains the Super Mario Bros 3 performance myth and Miyamoto’s video is below that.

Are you going to be getting Super Mario Maker?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Super Mario Bros 3 Performance Myth

Super Mario Bros 3 Performance Myth

[via Kotaku]

One could argue that the iconic Super Mario Bros level 1-1 is perhaps the most well known and recognizable levels in video game history.  For me personally, I’ve probably played it more than any other map on any other game and would likely have little trouble playing it blindfolded.  However, I can’t say I knew much about the history of the level until after I watched this video of Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka explaining the design of the level and game in general.  There are quite a few interesting tidbits in the video ranging from the origin of the Goomba to why Mario jumps the way he does so if you have any interest in Super Mario old or new, you should definitely take a few minutes to watch this video!

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In the past, I have seen some pretty neat pencil lead carvings but this one takes the cake.  How anybody can have a steady enough hand to do something like this boggles my mind.  And I have one heck of a steady hand as I have many championship ribbons for air rifle competitions to my name so that should give you an idea of just how incredible these carvings are!

Reddit user mundungas carved a Game Cube controller on top of a Nintendo 64 controller on top of a SNES controller on top of a NES controller on top of a Super Mario question block out of the lead from a colored pencil.  Not only that, they managed to paint it with an impressive amount of detail!  I can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort this took!  Speaking of the paint, to accomplish this feat, he had to use the tip of one of his eyelashes to paint it!

Unfortunate, now this colored pencil is pointless.  *rimshot*

The second picture gives you a much better idea of just how small these carvings really are.

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Nintendo Controller Pencil Carvings

Nintendo Controller Pencil Carvings

Nintendo Controller Pencil Carvings Scale

Nintendo Controller Pencil Carvings Scale

[Source:  Reddit]

I typically get strange looks when I tell people that should I ever get married, I want a Klingon wedding rather than a traditional wedding but after seeing this Stargate wedding arch replacement, I think I would be ok with a Stargate wedding too.  However, combining both doesn’t sound too bad either…

Anyway, instead of having a traditional wedding arch, Ian Milward decided to build and get married in front of a Stargate.  Not only is the 12′ Stargate incredibly detailed and impressive, the story to go along with it is just as amazing.  Apparently he met his future wife while they both worked at a lumber and hardware store and they bonded over their mutual love of Stargate.  At one point they were watching the episode where Jack and Sam get married in front of the Stargate and his future wife thought that was a really cool idea so when the time came some five years later, he remembered the idea and built a Stargate to get married in front of.

I’d say the weeks of effort to build this was absolutely worth it and I wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!  My only question is where do you put something like this after the wedding?  Do you rent it out for other Stargate fans or perhaps put it around the front door of your house to impress your guests?  I can think of a ton of cool uses for something like this although the size would be a bit of a pain I would think.

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Stargate SG-1 Wedding Arch

Stargate Wedding Arch

Stargate SG-1 Wedding Arch

Stargate SG-1 Wedding Arch

[via Nerd Approved]