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It amazes me that in around 2,800 posts I have written on Global Geek News over the past half dozen years or so, only once have I featured a Stargate cake.  I’ve posted hundreds of other cakes ranging from Star Trek and Star Wars to Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda but I’ve only posted one really cool Stargate cake in the past.  Well, it is time that changes and I share another incredible Stargate cake I have stumbled across.

This incredible Stargate birthday cake features a very realistic looking Stargate that even has all of the symbols on it.  It appears to have been created by a Lina DeMorais and I’d say she did one heck of a job!  Something tells me that Samantha’s birthday was quite epic.

I am curious to know how long it took to get that level of detail on the Stargate and most importantly, I wonder if the cake tasted as good as it looks?  I wish somebody would make cakes like these for my friends because I would love to have a piece of Stargate.

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Stargate SG-1 Cake

Stargate Birthday Cake

[via Nergasmic and Dorktastic]

Those who know me best know that the music I love most involves some sort of orchestra.  Symphonic metal is my favorite but really any symphony music will put a smile on my face.

Over a year ago, I was fortunate enough to get to see the official Legend of Zelda symphony that has been traveling the world the past couple of years and as a huge Zelda music fan, I found it to be incredible.  I am still kicking myself for not getting a t-shirt and poster while I was there.

Well, the one thing that I was surprised by to an extent was that the sound of the music in the show stayed very true to the music in the game.  I had honestly expected a little of that and more of the music below.

Walt Ribeiro has been a great friend of Global Geek News for many years (he was the most frequent guest on the Global Geek News Podcast years ago) and these days he takes popular songs and arranges them for orchestra.  Recently, he did one of his For Orchestra pieces from the classic Legend of Zelda ‘Overworld’ music.  I thought it turned out to be something really amazing so I knew I just had to post it.

If you are interested in buying this awesome version of For Orchestra’s Legend of Zelda ‘Overworld’ song, you can get it on iTunes as well as on Amazon and I really suggest you should!  If you love stuff like this, support Walt’s efforts by buying his music!

If you want to hear a couple other of his geekier orchestrations, I posted about his Doctor Who theme orchestration and his Pokemon theme song orchestration in the past which are both worth checking out.

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[Source: For Orchestra]

I’ve heard of scarecrows before but a scaredalek just seems a bit absurd, especially when it is 35 foot tall and made out of straw!

This monumental 35′ tall straw Dalek was designed by Mike Harper and built with the help of a team of volunteers.  It took them around 700 man hours to build this colossal Doctor Who monument but not only does it look amazing, but the head and weapons move and it even has audio!  Apparently, it required around 6 tons of straw and 5 tons of steel to build.

An ice cream shop called Snugbury’s near Nantwich in Cheshire has apparently been doing giant straw builds like this every year for over a decade and with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who just a couple months away, they decided to do a giant straw Dalek.

Not only did they make this incredible straw sculpture, but they also created a ‘DaLICK’ cone and part of the money it brings in is being donated to Cancer Research UK.  Sadly, there is no mention of what the ingredients to the DaLICK cone are but if you are in the area, I’d still recommend stopping in to get one since the proceeds are going toward a good cause and when else are you going to have the chance to see a talking 35 foot tall Dalek made out of straw?

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Doctor Who Straw Dalek

35 Foot Tall Straw Dalek

Doctor Who Straw Dalek Close Up

Straw Dalek Close Up

[Source:  Snugbury’s via Nerd Approved]

It seems to be kind of universally agreed that The Godfather is like the ultimate guy movie of all time.  I know a number of guys that love the movie and quote it at every opportunity they get.  However, I am not one of those guys because I have never seen any of the Godfather movies.  I risk my man card just saying that but its true.  Last year at a family get together (Thanksgiving I think), I saw a couple minutes of one of the movies (I don’t know which one) since everybody else was watching it but not enough to really grasp what was even going on.  But, even though I have never even seen the scene, even I know of the classic horse head in bed scene.  Speaking of that scene, now there is a Super Mario Bros twist on it and it has been made into a cool t-shirt!

The incredible folks over at TShirtBordello have just released this awesome Super Mario Godfather shirt that is on sale for the next day or two for just $11 (normally $15)!  Nothing says I am a Mario loving Godfather fan like a t-shirt of Mario waking up with Yoshi’s head in his bed.

Even though I have never even seen the movie, I will probably still get one of these shirts just because I am a huge Mario fan and the art here is very well done.

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Mario Godfather Shirt

Super Mario Godfather T-Shirt

[Source:  TShirtBordello]

Thanks to my addiction to bargain t-shirt sites and Doctor Who, I have already outgrown my closet and and I am starting to wonder about the idea of adding another room on to my house just for my clothes.  I’m sure that sounds strange to hear coming from a guy but its true.

Well, I just got word of another cheap and awesome Doctor Who shirt that is going to be a must have for me and I am sure pretty much every Doctor Who fan out there.

The incredible folks over at TShirtBordello are selling this amazing Whovian shirt for just $10 for the next day or two before it goes back up to its normal $14.99.  Whether you love the TARDIS, Dalek, Cyberman, the Ood, Pandorica or even K-9, pretty much every iconic thing from Doctor Who is on this shirt!

Whether you are a fan of the new or classic Doctor Who, you are going to find much to love on this shirt.  You might even say it is fantastic!

If you are a Whovian, get this shirt and wear it proudly!

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Doctor Who Whovian Shirt

Whovian Shirt

[Source:  TShirtBordello]

One of the fun things about Doctor Who that I think most people find really cool is the fact that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside.  It seems like such a crazy, unintuitive idea that you can’t help but be interested in it and constantly wonder how something like that is physically possible?  Well, thanks to a little help from augmented reality technology, one Doctor Who fan built a cool little TARDIS toy that really does appear to be much bigger on the inside!

Whovian Greg Kumparak created this awesome little TARDIS not only looks cool but has a beacon that lights up and doors that open!  While opening doors is already one step beyond most fan made TARDIS’ I have seen, this one has some sort of clever zebra print on the inside that when looked through with an augmented reality app on your phone will transform into the inside of the TARDIS and appear to be much bigger on the inside than the outside.  How cool is that?!

You can see more pictures of the constructions and a nice little writeup on it over on Greg’s blog but what I’m sure you really want to see is the video below.

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[Source:  Kumparak via Incredible Things]