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Monopoly was always my favorite board game as a kid and I still play it on my mobile devices occasionally but I’ve never really done much with the novelty editions.  Sure, there are some cool ones that I would like (the Klingon version is one example), but they aren’t available on the digital versions and since I rarely have the opportunity for tabletop gaming, I just never bother with them.  Even so, I still like sharing news about geeky versions that fans have made (ex: Red Dead Redemption Monopoly, Final Fantasy Monopoly and Fallout Monopoly just to name a few) and official ones like the Klingon version I mentioned a second ago.  In the case of this post, I wanted to let everybody know a Legend of Zelda edition is about to come out!

Starting September 15, 2014 you can buy a Legend of Zelda version of Monopoly exclusively from GameStop for $39.99 (you can pre-order it now).  This is created by USAopoly who makes all of the novelty Monopoly games.

The picture below gives you a taste of just how good this looks but if you want to see more pictures of the board, the box and the tokens (Triforce, ocarina, bow, Hylian shield, boomerang and hookshot) check out the product page linked above and below.

So Zelda fans, will you be getting this Zelda edition of Monopoly?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Monopoly: Legend of Zelda Edition

Monopoly: Legend of Zelda Edition

[Source:  GameStop]

NASAI’m not sure it is something I have really talked about on here much before if at all, but I have a huge fascination with all things space related.  I have always been completely captivated by the things you can look up and see in the sky.  Speaking of which, just to give you an example of just how interested I am in all things space related, just last night I spent a good bit of time at a local observatory run by the local astronomical society (of which I am a member) where I watched the International Space Station fly overhead, saw a couple of comets streak by and stared at Messier 13 (often called the Great Globular Cluster in Hercules or the Hercules Globular Cluster) through a 22″ telescope.  It made for an amazing evening to be sure!  Anyway, speaking of space, when I came across the video below, I knew I had to share it for all of the other space loving geeks out there.

As I’m sure you know, because of the virtual vacuum in space, sound waves are unable to travel in space.  However, sound does still exist in the form of electromagnetic waves.  Various probes that NASA has sent to investigate the solar system are able to record these waves and the video below is a compilation of those waves from various objects like Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, Uranus, Nepture, Earth, Io and more which have been translated into regular sound waves that people can hear.  Check out the video below to give a listen to the sounds of our solar system but beware, they are a bit on the spooky/creepy side.  Even so, I could see the sounds of Jupiter making for a great intro to a death metal song.

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[via The Daily Epic]

While I can’t say I understand what all the fuss is about IKEA having never been to one (I was living in Utah when they got theirs but it was so crazy when it was brand new that I wasn’t going anywhere near that place), I have heard enough about it to know you have to assemble everything yourself which is the idea behind this awesome build your own Borg Collective t-shirt design!  I’ve always thought it would be cool to have my own Collective but my hardware building skills just aren’t good enough, much less trying to fuse the hardware with flesh.  Maybe I will get that good some day!

If you have sense of humor when it comes to Star Trek stuff like I do, than this t-shirt is perfect for you!  The amazing folks over at TShirtbordello are selling this Build A Borg t-shirt for just $14.99!  This shirt is certain to make all of your Borg loving friends laugh, especially if they are also IKEA nuts.

Just remember, while wearing this shirt, your standard greeting must be “We Are the Borg. You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile.”

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Build A Borg T-Shirt

Build A Borg T-Shirt

Build a Borg T-Shirt Design

Build a Borg T-Shirt Design

[Source:  TShirtbordello]

Although I have had the game since nearly the time it came out (well, I think it was the first big Steam sale after it came out because these days I will almost never pay full price for a game), I still have yet to get around to playing Bioshock Infinite.  Truthfully, I never did make time to finish the first game and haven’t even started on the second but I think this awesome metal sculpture has given me the inspiration I need to move the games up to the top of my list of games to play.

This amazing Bioshock Infinite inspired metal Patriot sculpture was created by Geargoyle Metal Art.  I don’t know any of the interesting details like how long this took to create but however long it took, I would say it was time well spent!  I think it looks great!

If you were hoping to buy this, sadly it apparently sold last year sometime but I’d recommend checking out his other creations that are for sale over on his Etsy store.  It is too bad it is sold already because it would look great on my desk.

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Bioshock Infinite Metal Patriot Sculpture

Bioshock Infinite Patriot Metal Sculpture

[Source:  Geargoyle Metal Art]

Net NeutralityIt may surprise you and I expect I will probably get some nasty e-mails about this but I am not a supporter of this Net Neutrality movement that everybody is up in arms about.  While I agree that we have some serious problems with our current system ranging from cable company monopolies to crazy prices for crappy speeds compared to the rest of the civilized world, I believe the net neutrality concept that everybody is pushing for right now is a horrible idea that will come back to bite us all if it goes through.  Why?  Let me explain.

There are three primary reasons to my objection to the Net Neutrality that pretty much every website, blog and podcast I listen to are supporting.

First, I want to address the whole “common carrier” / Title 2 thing.  If you go and take a look at the Title 2 that everybody is saying the FCC should use to classify ISPs as common carriers, it wasn’t designed to regulate internet companies and makes no sense to try to shoehorn them into those regulations where they really wouldn’t do anything because it wasn’t designed for the internet and the things going on today.  And even if it did, do you really want your ISP to become a utility?  Think about the current utilities you have to pay for already like electricity, water and gas.  With those, you don’t pay a flat monthly fee like you currently do with your internet.  Instead, you pay based on what you use which is something you internet provider would love because it would mean a lot more money for them, especially with all of the Netflix, Hulu and YouTube lovers out there who use tons of data.  If you already pay for internet access and a subscription to Netflix, do you really want to pay more just to have the privilege of using your Netflix subscription?  I know I don’t!  And what about horribly low data caps?  You already have to deal with those with your mobile carrier (assuming you aren’t on Sprint who still offers unlimited data), do you want to have to deal with that from you ISP, especially when most people don’t have more than one option to go to if they don’t like there current ISP?  I know I don’t!

Speaking of data, my second major point is data has never been treated equal (any experienced IT person will tell you that as it is vital for the management of network resources) and it shouldn’t be!  Sure, having your Netflix speeds downgraded would suck but if you are in a situation where you are being operated on by a surgeon who is working remotely, don’t you think the surgeons connection should be considered more important and given a higher priority given that your life is on the line compared to someone going on a House of Cards binge?  If it was me or someone that I care about on that operating table, I would want the doctor to have the best connection possible, not one that was having to compete with traffic from unimportant things like cat videos and tweets about what somebody is having for lunch.

Finally, perhaps one of the most worrying things about the proposals so far is how the benefits of this neutrality and such would only apply to ‘legal’ content.  So while companies like Netflix might ‘benefit’ from these proposals, what do you think is going to happen to your bittorrent traffic?  Do you recall what Comcast did a few years ago when they were meddling with Bittorrent traffic thanks to the company Sandvine?  They were slowing things down greatly and not allowing you to seed to others regardless of whether the content you were transferring was something illegal like a movie or something completely legal like a Linux distribution.  If the current proposals are allowed to happen, you can expect this to come back but much worse than it was before because now it will have the support of the government where before it was the government that stepped in and stopped it.  And what about sites sites where people say things that thanks to all of the ludicrous anti-bullying laws that are taking the nation by storm, could be deemed illegal because somebody was offended by something they read on there?  This anti-bullying garbage makes it trivial to deem a site illegal based on what somebody said on it and with that goes any net neutrality protections you may have.  Between the anti-bullying laws (which may as well be called anti-free speech laws) and ‘net neutrality’, soon the internet will be a shadow of what it is today where free speech is no longer welcome and the amount you will be paying will be a lot higher than today.

So what do I propose instead if anything at all?  I say leave the internet alone because once you start making rules for it, you are going to screw things up and you are going to end up with consequences you never intended.  If you want to do something that is best for consumers, do something to bring some competition to the market.  Competition will allow the industry to keep itself in check while giving people options which they currently don’t have now because ISPs like Comcast have monopolies in practically every market they are currently in.  Competition is the answer, not net neutrality!

Now that you have heard my rambling, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Other than classic shows like Friends and Frasier, I don’t watch too many sitcoms these days.  There just aren’t that many that I really find appealing with perhaps the only exception being the Big Bang Theory.  Thanks to the geeky nature of the show, I can identify with it perhaps more than any sitcom I have ever seen (although it still isn’t my all time favorite).  Anyway, while I could go on about how much I love the show and why for days, I doubt that is why you are reading this post so I will skip to the good stuff, this awesome Big Bang Theory ball pit cake!

I’m not sure who created this amazing Big Bang Theory Bazinga ball pit cake but it came across my Facebook feed last week from a Sheldon Cooper fan page.  Whoever made it, I’d say they did a pretty great job recreating the hilarious ball pit scene with Sheldon and Leonard!  Unfortunately, I don’t know any of the tasty details either so there isn’t much more I can say about it however, if you know any of the tasty details or who created this awesome cake, let us know in the comments below so they can get credit!

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Big Bang Theory Bazinga Ball Pit Cake

Big Bang Theory Ball Pit Cake

[Via Sheldon Cooper on Facebook]