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Even though I have boxes upon boxes of blankets stacked on shelves in my basement, I don’t see myself ever using them again since I have discovered the wonder that is the Snuggie (sleeved blanked).  I don’t feel like I can ever get rid of the blankets that are taking up a considerable part of my basement mainly because they were made for me and my family by other family members, some of whom have passed on and getting rid of them just doesn’t seem right.  However, if I was ever to use a non-sleeved blanket again, without a doubt, it would have to be this awesome Sonic the Hedgehog fleece blanket!

The spectacular folks over at ThinkGeek are selling this amazing Sonic the Hedgehog fleece blanket for only $19.99!  If you love Sonic and are looking for a good way to stay warm this winter, this is the perfect blanket for you!

Even if you have a Snuggie like me and have no desire to go back to the world of normal blankets, this would still make for a great Christmas present or other gift for any Sonic fans you may know.  Remember, winter is coming!

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Sonic the Hedgehog Blanket

Sonic the Hedgehog Blanket

Sonic Blanket

Sonic the Hedgehog Blanket

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

Given the corrupt, lying nature of our politicians and political system these days, not to mention how easily hackable the electronic voting machines have been proven to be, I really don’t put much stock in the election process these days.  I still vote but I view it as a largely meaningless exercise.  That said, when I look for somebody to vote for, I look for the candidate that seems to the the logical choice for the job and has the most logical ideas about how to improve things (I’m not one of those mindless drones that just votes for a single party although I generally lean Libertarian).  I suppose you could say that while I think my vote is pointless, I still aspire to Spock the vote!

Speaking of voting logically, the awesome folks over at SuperHeroStuff are have this cool Star Trek Spock the Vote t-shirt on sale for just $9 right now!  I’m not sure how long the sale will last so you might as well jump on this deal now, especially since it is election season anyway!

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Spock the Vote T-Shirt

Spock the Vote T-Shirt


Although I still occasionally watch a guy known as MonotoneTim (he is hilarious and has an amazing voice) on Twitch play Oregon Trail II, it has been far too many years since I have played any of the classic Oregon Trail games.  I always loved playing them as a kid and occasionally I still get some of the music from Oregon Trial II stuck in my head (right now happens to be one of those times).  However, for as much as people used to love the games, it doesn’t seem like they get much love from the merchandise world.  In the past, I posted about a cool You Have Died of Dysentery t-shirt and I bought a shirt from Woot (I think) that says something like ‘I blazed the Oregon Trail and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and dysentery’ but until now, I think those were the only two Oregon Trail shirts I have ever seen.  Well, now I have found an awesome third one and it is on sale for half price!

The amazing people over at ThinkGeek are selling this Oregon Trail ‘Dysentery Awareness’ t-shirt for just $9.99 right now!  That is half of the normal price!  It is a little hard to read in the picture below but it says ‘only you can prevent dysentery’ on the top and ‘paid for by the Oregon safety board’ on the bottom.

If you grew up loving Oregon Trail like I did, you should get one of these amazing shirts before the price goes back up!

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Oregon Trail Dysentery Awareness T-Shirt

Oregon Trail Dysentery Awareness T-Shirt

[Source:  ThinkGeek]

With winter quickly approaching, its time to start thinking about how you are going to stay warm on those long, cold winter days.  These days, I just use natural gas to heat my home (yay for low income assistance!) but I do have a wood burning stove in my basement just in case the heater stops working.  However, my wood burning stove just seems boring after seeing this amazing DIY R2-D2 wood burning stove.

Instructables user doddieszoomer created this amazing R2-D2 log burning stove out of an old propane tank.  You can see all of the steps and pictures for making your own over on the Instructables guide they created for making your own.  However, if you are DIY challenged or just don’t have the tools to build one for yourself but you still want one, you can bid on this one over on eBay.  As of the time of this writing, there are 5 days to go on the auction with no bids so you have a little bit of time and not much competition if you want to pick this up.  However, make sure you are aware of the shipping charges because shipping something like this isn’t cheap!  Shipping is showing approximately $303.16 for me so keep that in mind if this is the droid stove you are looking for.

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R2-D2 Log Stove

R2-D2 Wood Stove

R2-D2 Log Stove

R2-D2 Log Stove

[Source:  Instructables via Nerd Approved]

Have you felt abandoned?  It has been two weeks since I last posted anything on Global Geek News so I just wanted to let everybody know that things will be getting back to normal this week.

Why have I been strangely quiet recently?  It has mainly been because life has just got in the way.  I have been out of town a lot (mainly for concerts) over the last week so I haven’t really had much of a chance to write any posts even though I have a ton of stuff I would like to share.  Also, I found out a couple of weeks ago that my dog had cancer so I was spending a lot of time with him while I could.  Sadly, he died on Saturday.

Anyway, now everything that has kept me from posting should be out of the way so I will start posting things like usual again.

Thanks for your patience and support!


Its not very often that I post much cosplay on Global Geek News these days since I have a site dedicated to cosplay and other geeky clothing items called, Fanboy Fashion.  However, I thought since I already had a Zelda related post over there today (a stunning pair of hand-painted Legend of Zelda shoes), I might as well post this beautiful lady Link cosplay here.  You guys should know by now that I am a major sucker for pointy ears and great Legend of Zelda cosplay so you can imagine how much I like this female Link cosplay!

This beautiful Lady Link cosplayer is known as Chaos Elixir.  Not only did she do great with the cosplay, the props are fantastic too!  Speaking of fantastic, the amazing photography was done by Sam Dickinson Photography.  Between the cosplay and photography, there is a lot to love about these pictures!  I especially love the last couple of pictures with the ocarina playing.

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Legend of Zelda Female Link CosplayLegend of Zelda Female Link CosplayLegend of Zelda Lady Link CosplayLegend of Zelda Lady Link CosplayLegend of Zelda Lady Link CosplayLegend of Zelda Lady Link Cosplay[Source:  Chaos Elixir via Geek x Girls]