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I have always been envious of those with artistic skill because when it comes to things like drawing or painting, I suck.  Just how bad do I suck?  I can’t even make a good looking stick figure.  I’m not saying I would like to be the next Bob Ross or anything, but it would be nice if I at least had enough artistic skill or talent to be able to paint my house to look similar to this awesome Mario Bros utility building in the picture below.

Sadly, I have no idea where this awesome Super Mario Bros utility building is, who it belongs to or who painted it but it is still one of the coolest buildings I have ever seen.  I’ve seen some great geeky graffiti painting on buildings before, but I think this is the first time I have ever seen an entire building get painted like this.

Whoever did this has some real talent!  I wonder if they would be available to paint my house because I would love to have a Super Mario Bros house.

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Super Mario Painted Utility Building

Super Mario Bros Utility Building

[via Nerd Approved]

One of the bad parts about having a small house is that I don’t have a dining room. I used to have a dining room table set up in a corner of my living room but there just wasn’t enough room for it so now it is sitting in my basement in pieces.  I can’t say I feel like I have been missing out on anything not having one as I usually prefer to eat in my bedroom so I can work on my computer or watch stuff on my nice tv while I eat.  However, after seeing this, now I kind of wish I had the money to add a dining room on to my house.

I’m not sure who this incredible Lord of the Rings inspired One Ring dining room belongs to (I hate when people post things like this on Facebook but don’t bother giving the people credit for it) but they have the coolest dining room ever!  I can’t even imagine how much time it took to make all of this from the incredible chairs to the One Ring light that hangs above the table.

If anybody knows who the owner of this Lord of the Rings dining room set is, please let us know in the comments below so we can give them the credit they deserve!

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Lord of the Rings Dining Room

Lord of the Rings One Ring Dining Room

[Via I Love to Geek]

Is it just me or does the holiday season also seem like engagement season?  Judging by my Facebook feed, it seems like over the last month or so, many people are taking their relationships to the next level and getting engaged.  Within the last month or so, I would say probably close to 2% of my Facebook friends have got engaged which is crazy!

Well, speaking of getting engaged, it looks like one Legend of Zelda fan went a bit above and beyond with their engagement ring box.

Reddit user Blakplague bought this amazing Legend of Zelda treasure chest engagement ring box from Etsy seller Turbo Toaster Studios.  There is no update to say whether the special person they proposed to said yes, but I think it would be rather hard to say no to something that cool!

This Legend of Zelda treasure chest ring box doesn’t play Zelda music like the last Legend of Zelda treasure chest engagement ring box I posted but with the Hylian Crest, Zelda heart and the “It’s dangerous to go alone, Marry me?” message, it has a great charm all its own.

If I ever find that special someone that I want to get married to, I hope they are also big Legend of Zelda fans so I can do something just like this!  I suppose that is putting the cart in front of the horse though as finding that special someone seems pretty much impossible and I feel more like I am destined to be alone with every passing day.

Congrats to this couple though!

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Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring Box

Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest Engagement Ring Box

Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest Engagement Ring Box Open

Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring Box – Open

[Source:  Reddit]

Unlike a couple of years ago when I practically lived on Twitter, now I only check it a few times a day.  I guess after 90,000 tweets, I sort of got burned out, especially when many of those I used to have great conversations with on the service aren’t on there much if at all anymore.  However, when I do check it, once in a while I still come across some incredible gems like this video below.

One of my local news reporters and twitter followers @joannawise tweeted this video recently created by Chiron Bramberger and whether or not you are a fan of Miley Cyrus (personally, I am not a fan but I’m more of a metalhead anyway), if you are a geek and especially if you have a love for computer hardware, you are going to love this incredible spoof/cover of her “Wrecking Ball” music video.  I suspect this is probably going to be the only time you will ever see computer chip robots swinging on hard drive platters and crashing through walls of RAM sticks to some 8-bit music.  As a computer hardware enthusiast, this made me just plain giddy.

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[via @joannawise]

As much as I hate to admit it, I never got into the whole Transformers craze.  I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the show was on before I was born (well, I was alive for the last few months of the show according to wikipedia).  However, I know a lot of people that are obsessed with the Transformers whether it was from the cartoon all those years ago or the more recent movies and for those people, I thought I should highlight this amazing gingerbread Optimus Prime.

I’m not sure of the girls name that created this epic Optimus Prime gingerbread sculpture but it is apparently the friend of Reddit user downvotedagain.  This girl spent a week and a half building this gingerbread Optimus Prime out of 700-800 pieces and she won a gingerbread contest with it that got her around $6500 (she is from Sweeden).  I’d say that’s not too bad for a week and a half of work!  Apparently she is going to spend the money on a trip to Bora Bora which sounds rather nice this time of year.  Congrats to her!

I am definitely impressed!

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Gingerbread Optimus Prime

Gingerbread Optimus Prime

[Source:  Reddit]


If its not completely obvious by now, I have a tremendous love for video games.  I love everything from Pong to God of War and now you can watch me play all of my favorite games!

A while back, I set up a channel on Twitch to start streaming the various video games I play.  Until now, I have just been streaming some of my PC gaming but for Christmas, I got a game capture card so I can now begin streaming my console gaming as well.  If you are curious what types of games I am and will be streaming, I play a lot of old Command & Conquer games, Age of Empires, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, DuckTales: Remastered, various Battlefield games and a ton of other games that I am sure many of you love as much as I do!

If you love watching people play great games, go follow our channel (just hit the follow button on the lower left of the stream if you already have an account and if you don’t, you should get one).  If you follow our channel, then you will be notified via e-mail, text, or app notifications (depending on what you have set up) when I go live with a stream.

I plan on bringing some friends on to stream with me to make things even more fun and eventually I will start doing regular theme nights/days (RTS night, vintage video game night, FPS day, ect).

I’m also interested in letting other people stream on the channel too so there is more content on the stream so if you are interested in streaming, shoot me an e-mail at the address on the contact page above or send me a message on Twitch.

Go follow me and lets enjoy some gaming together!