The Mandalorian Made From Flan

The Mandalorian Made Out of Flan

I know that we are a bit behind with the times, but we (myself and my fiance) have just started watching The Mandalorian about a week ago.  After enjoying all sorts of cool Star Wars rides at Disneyland a few weeks ago, we are on a bit of a Star Wars kick (I’ve also been playing through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to get ready for Jedi: Survivor when it comes out next week).  Anyway, its safe to say that when I came across this Mandalorian made out of flan, I knew I had to share it with all of you since I’m sure you would appreciate it.

I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure what flan is since I have never eaten it.  I am assuming it must be some sort of desert?  Feel free to educate me about flan and what it tastes like in the comments below.

Whatever flan is, this Mandalorian made out of flan or Flandalorian if you will, was created by Twitter user The_MadMaker.  Apparently this isn’t his first attempt at a Star Wars flan because I was scrolling through his Twitter feed and saw a flan Han Solo in carbonite.  However, I would say this turned out a lot better and way more detailed!  I suggest browsing his tweet feed as there are some pictures and videos of the construction process of the Flandalorian.  I’d say it turned out great!

I guess now I need to see if I can find somewhere around here that makes flan so I can try it and see what I’m missing.  Who knows, it might be my favorite food and I don’t even know it!  I love to try new foods and that looks like something I could handle eating right now after getting two of my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday.

Anyway, share this Mandalorian made out of flan post with all the Star Wars fans and flan lovers you know!






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