Open Cluster NGC-2281

My Latest Astrophoto: Open Cluster NGC-2281

Lately I have finally been feeling better and more like myself so I have managed to get some evenings out in the observatory.  Which means one thing…more astrophotography pictures to share with you guys!  I’ve got more pictures to come but for today’s new astrophoto, I have a shot of the open cluster NGC-2281.

Its not often that I shoot star clusters, mostly because I just don’t find them as interesting or as challenging to shoot as I do nebulas and galaxies.  But once in a while I will shoot some if I’m short on time or I am fighting light pollution from the moon or local events at the nearby fair grounds.  In this case I was just running a little short on time and didn’t want to stay out for a couple more hours but I wasn’t quite done shooting for the night so I found open cluster NGC-2281 and decided to shoot it.  So this is the result!

Hopefully I can get out again soon but it will probably be at least another week and a half before I do thanks to the weather and upcoming full moon.  However, I do still have a few more photos to share with you guys so I will be posting them in the coming days!  I’ve got a couple of cool galaxy shots that I’m sure my follow space lovers are going to really enjoy!

And since I always get questions about how I took this shot, I suggest heading over to the post (which is always up to date) that has a list and description of the equipment I use for my astrophotography work!  If you guys have any other questions about the photo, feel free to ask them in the comments below!

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