Globular Cluster Messier 55

Globular Cluster M55, My Newest Astrophoto! Maybe…

It doesn’t happen very often but once in a while I take an astrophoto thinking I’m shooting one object but then when I go back and look at it later, I’m not sure at all if I shot the object I was trying to shoot or if I accidentally shot something else by mistake.  This just so happens to be one of those times.  I was attempting to shoot the globular cluster M55 with this picture but upon comparison with images of that globular cluster on Google, I’m no longer sure that is what I shot.

My telescope aligner isn’t always perfect so sometimes things tend to be a little off and I end up finding stuff that I wasn’t looking for and I think that might be this case but I’m not sure.  I was hoping to shoot the globular cluster M55 but when I compare the image above with what Google shows, I seem to have found a much more sparsely populated globular cluster full of more colorful stars.  I just thought it wasn’t as big or bright of a globular cluster as others that I tend to shoot so at the time I thought nothing of it, just that it was in a good place in the sky at the time so I pointed my telescope in that direction and started shooting.

Whatever globular cluster this is (if anybody knows, please enlighten me in the comments below), I think it still turned out to be a pretty cool image.

I don’t recall the exact image specs but it seems like it was a couple dozen 90 second exposures (or maybe it was 45 seconds, I don’t recall since I took this a few weeks ago).  What I do know however is what I used to take this astrophoto of globular cluster M55 (?) with and if you want to see the list of equipment I use, check out my telescope setup for astrophotography page.

Share this with any space lovers you know and maybe one of them can tell me what I shot!  LOL.  And then come visit our awesome community of friendly geeks over on the Global Geek News Facebook page and say hello!

Stay tuned as I have plenty of other pictures of nebulas and globular clusters (where I do know what I was shooting) to share over the coming days!





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