Globular Cluster Messier 22

New Astrophoto! Globular Cluster M22

As promised in my previous recent astrophotography posts, I have plenty more to share with you guys from a recent night out in my observatory and today is another one of those images!  For today’s new astrophoto, I bring you the globular cluster M22 (Messier 22)!

The globular cluster M22 is a very colorful collection of stars that can be found in the constellation Sagittarius.

In my recent and rare night out in my observatory (still seeking name suggestions for it), I was looking for what I could shoot that was in a good position in the sky and something I could shoot fairly quickly and easily and globular cluster M22 fit that bill!

I forget the exact technical details of this shot since I took this a couple of weeks ago but I am thinking it was a series of 45 second photos that I stacked to make this image.  I’ll admit its not my best but I was going for quantity over quality that particular night that I shot this image.  Perhaps in the future I will go back and try to get a better quality image.  At least you can see some good color detail on these stars.

And as always, if you are curious about my astrophotography rig and what all I used to take this image, I recommend checking out my telescope setup for astrophotography page that I keep up to date with all of my current equipment that I use for doing my hobby.

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Stay tuned as I have more astrophotos to come including more pictures of globular clusters and some really cool nebulas!





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