My Latest Astrophoto: Jupiter!


It seems that nights out in the observatory are few and far between these days as the Venn diagram of free nights, no forest fires and good weather is rarely in my favor this year.  Between forest fires, a very cloudy monsoon season and just not having a ton of free nights, I’ve only managed one good night out in the observatory in months.  And thats not even factoring in my neighbors and their blinding back porch lights!  However, I did manage a lucky night of perfect conditions recently and so over the next few posts, I thought I would share my results with you guys.  For this particular image, I bring you my latest astrophoto of the planet Jupiter!

I took this shot a couple of weeks ago so I forget all the technical details of the shot other than I think I used the best 15% of around 3000 shots and I think the exposure was set to 1/100.  And I forget which moon I happened to capture in this image but I’m thinking it was Ganymede (I could be wrong).  But its definitely one of the clearest shots I’ve taken of Jupiter with some nice detail on the cloud bands.  Its rare I get a night of such good conditions to be able to shoot something that clear!  And I always love shooting Jupiter because its always changing!

For those curious about the telescope I used to shoot this, as always, you can find all of the details on my telescope over on my telescope setup for astrophotography page that I keep up to date as my equipment changes.

Share this with any space lovers you know!  Stay tuned for more as I have a bunch of other new astrophotos to share!  And make sure to join in on all of the fun with our awesome community of geeks over on the Global Geek News Facebook page.