Super Mario Bros on 3 cellos and an egg shaker

Super Mario Bros Music Played With 3 Cellos and egg shaker

I can never get enough of seeing people do covers of video game music and putting their own spin on it whether its with unusual instruments (such as an egg shaker in this case) or they transform the piece while still making it recognizable.  In this particular case we have a very talented woman that performed some of the classic music from Super Mario Bros played with 3 cellos and an egg shaker!

Being a huge symphony lover, I always love hearing the cello played but I think this might just be the first time I have ever heard anybody play an egg shaker.  This awesome video comes from the obviously talented musician and YouTuber Samara Ginsberg.  From browsing her channel, she does some pretty amazing covers with her cello, some I am already planning on featuring on here in the near future!

But as for this video of Super Mario Bros music played with 3 cellos and an egg shaker, she does a cute job of dressing up for the part with her Mario and Luigi hats and mustache.  Is it sad that I am slightly jealous that she looks better with a mustache than I do?

On second thought, lets not go into how I have never managed to be able to grow any decent looking facial hair.  That is a discussion for another time.  Right now, you guys have an awesome video to watch of Samara performing the overworld and subworld Super Mario Bros music played with 3 cellos and an egg shaker!

If you have any music talents like this and have created an awesome and geeky cover like this that you think I should see, drop a comment below and give me a link to the video to check out!

And if this just has you craving more, I’d recommend checking out one of my previous posts where a guy plays Super Mario Bros music on a violin with 4 difficulty levels.

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