Show Us Your Geeky Masks For Fighting COVID-19

I know many of you like to create all sorts of fun, geeky things to show off your geeky passions so I want to see your geeky COVID-19 creations!  I want to see pictures of your geeky masks to protect you from the coronavirus!

What are you using to try to stay safe?  An old Halloween Darth Vader mask?  A mask from your Mortal Kombat cosplay?  Share some pictures of your geeky masks in the comments below!

I can’t say I have any geeky masks since my old Darth Vader helmet doesn’t fit anymore so I’ve just been using a couple that have been made for me by my girlfriend and my aunt.  Perhaps that will change at some point if I find something geeky that is a good deal.

If you have access to a 3D printer and want to get your Star Wars geek on, I’d suggest checking out the 3D printed Darth Vader mask I wrote about recently for making your own.  If you happen to come up with any other geeky 3D printed masks or even some patterns that people can use to make their own masks, please let me know so I can share them on here as well!

Bonus points to anybody like the person in the picture below going out in full cosplay to protect themselves from COVID-19.  If you have seen anybody in full cosplay out in the store to protect themselves and others, feel free to share some pictures of that as well because everybody here would like to see them!  We need some inspiration!  When else are you going to be able to go out in full cosplay with a mask or helmet and not get crap for it from store security guards?  Take advantage of this pandemic while you can!

Share this with any geeks you know so they can share their geeky masks and see the nerdy masks of others!  Also, join our awesome community of geeks over on the Global Geek News Facebook page.

Darth Vader in a grocery store
Darth Vader in a grocery store





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