3D Printed Darth Vader Mask

3D Printed Darth Vader Mask to Protect Yourself from COVID-19

If you have been following the latest news from the CDC, we are all supposed to be wearing masks now when we go out in public to help prevent getting or especially transmitting the COVID-19 Carona Virus.  However, the good masks have to (and should be) saved for medical professionals so that leaves the rest of us with doing whatever we can from a bandanna to a ski mask (which is what I have been using).  However if you want to look especially geeky while protecting yourself and others from the caronavirus, then there is no better way to do it than with a 3D printed Darth Vader mask!

If you are one of the lucky geeks with a 3D printer or perhaps you know somebody that has one who would like this idea, you can download the files to print this awesome 3D printed Darth Vader mask for free!

Thanks to MyMiniFactory user Balázs, you can get these two designs (black one seen below) for 3D printed Darth Vader masks for free to help you in the fight against COVID-19.  If you want to download the files to make these masks, head to the item’s page on MyMiniFactory.  If you really like them, you are certainly welcome to give them a donation but the mask design is really free.

Apparently it fits multiple types of filters so while it might not give you perfect protection from Carona, it should be better than just using a scarf or something like that.  Whether it lives up to N95 mask standards, that I don’t know but something is better than nothing!

Have you done anything geeky like this to help fight COVID-19?  If so, let me know about it in the comments below!

Make sure to share this with any Star Wars fans you know who are looking to protect themselves and others from the caronavirus.  And share your virus safety tips with our amazing community of geeks over on the Global Geek News Facebook page.

I hope you all are staying safe and at least 6 feet away from everybody else!

3D Printed Darth Vader Mask Black
3D Printed Darth Vader Mask Black





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