FREE GAME: Watch Dogs (PC)

Watch Dogs

This is one of the few times that I have already played one of the free games that I have for you guys.  Its been a few years since I have played Watch Dogs since it has been out for a while but I still have fairly positive memories about it enough that I would recommend it.  So if you haven’t bought it already, right now you can enjoy the fun game that is Watch Dogs for free!

When I played Watch Dogs when it came out on PC, the experience was far from great from a performance standpoint.  It would get so laggy, especially when driving that I would have to quit out of the game and restart it before I could continue for a while.  Despite the annoying performance issues at launch, it was still a really fun game that I enjoyed greatly.  I’m assuming that those performance issues are no longer an issue and assuming that is the case, I would wholeheartedly recommend this game!

For those unfamiliar with Watch Dogs, here is the game description from the website and the launch trailer is down below:


You are Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker but also a former thug, who’s criminal past lead to a violent family tragedy.

In a world led by technology, you will be able to hack and manipulate the city’s systems to stop traffic lights, detonate gas lines, turn off the electrical grid and more.

The city of Chicago has become the ultimate weapon for a man bent on revenge.

If that has wet your appetite and you don’t already own this game, you can pick up Watch Dogs for FREE on the Epic Store until 3/26/20.  So go get it!

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