My Latest Astrophoto: Galaxy M109


I have to admit, I feel kind of ashamed posting such a garbage looking image for all of you to see.  Its certainly not my best astrophotography image although perhaps not my worst either.  A few nights ago I got out and shot this image of the spiral galaxy M109.

I’m not 100% sure why this image is so bad but I expect light pollution is probably one of the biggest problems.  The part of the sky that the galaxy M109 was over the night I was shooting it is a rather light polluted part of the sky because it was in the direction of the central part of the city I live in.  Combine that with light pollution from the Moon (my arch nemesis), I think it just ended up resulting in a lot of noise and color gradients and other crap in my shot of M109.  I also took longer exposures than normal (about 2 hours worth of 4 minute exposures) so that might have played a roll too.

I’m sure I will re-shoot it at some point just to get a better image or perhaps try processing it again to see if I can do better when I learn some more image processing techniques but for now, this is my shot of M109, a  barred spiral galaxy exhibiting a weak inner ring structure around the central bar approximately 83.5 million light-years away.

For those curious about my telescope and astrophotography equipment that I used to get this shot, head to my post (which I keep updated) that lists all of my astrophotography equipment.

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If you have any suggestions for things I should shoot, let me know and I will consider adding them to my list of items that I want to shoot.  I’m always open to suggestions!