Crab Nebula - M1

My Latest Astrophoto: The Crab Nebula! (M1)

You guys have told me just how much you love when I post my astrophotography shots and since I finally managed to get back out in my observatory the other night for the first time in months, I thought I would share my latest results with you guys.  My evening resulted in two rather decent images so I thought I would share this shot of the Crab Nebula with you!  Of course I will make another post for the other image but for now I have this shot of the Crab Nebula to share!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Crab Nebula, it is a supernova remnant in the constellation Taurus.  Back in 1054 AD, Chinese astronomers spotted a star so bright that it was visible even during the daytime.  That star had gone supernova and the Crab Nebula is the remnant of the explosion along with a neutron star (which you can’t make out) in the center.  It is approximately 6,500 light-years from Earth and is still expanding at a rate of 1,500KM/s.  The apparent magnitude of the Crab Nebula is 8.4 which is not visible with the naked eye but visible with a telescope or pair of binoculars on a good clear night.

As for the image itself, it is the combination of 39 x 180sec exposures for a total exposure time of 117 minutes.  If you are interested in the list of equipment I use to take a shot like this, I highly recommend checking out my post (which I update as things change) which lists all of my astrophotography equipment.  I think most everything on the list was involved in taking the image with the exception of the focal reducer.

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Stay tuned and I will get the second picture (Orion Nebula) posted soon!






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