Super Mario Odyssey celebrated with 148,777 dominoes!

Super Mario Odyssey Celebrated With 148,777 Dominoes

Sometimes I wonder if kids of today have any clue what dominoes are since toys of today are mostly digital and I haven’t really heard about kids playing with them since the 90s.  But whether or not kids today know about them, at least there are still some out there that love them enough to make really amazing creations with them like this tribute to Super Mario Odyssey celebrated with 148,777 dominoes!

This mindblowing and spectacular creation from TheDominoKing that he made in tribute to the new Super Mario Odyssey game is one of several that I have posted in the past.  Previously I have shared his Super Mario World domino build which used 81,032 Dominoes, his Legend of Zelda Windwaker build which used 78,175 dominoes and his Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask build which used 67,507 dominoes. Of course this new build makes those other monster builds seem tiny since it uses nearly 150,000 domino pieces!  He truly is the King of Dominoes!

I have yet to play the game but from watching it on Twitch, it seems like a lot of fun and this falling domino celebration of Super Mario Odyssey seems like a proper tribute!

So I am curious, how many of you play with dominoes or even know what they are?  Let me know in the comments below because I am very curious!

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Without further delay, here is what you came here to see, Super Mario Odyssey celebrated with 148,777 dominoes!  Prepare to have your mind blown and make sure to share with others to blow their minds too!

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