Announcing my new business venture: UndergroundVPN!

I’m finally ready to unveil and launch the reason for the lack of posts here on Global Geek News lately.  Today, I am officially launching my new VPN service, UndergroundVPN!

So what exactly is UndergroundVPN and why did I decide to create it?

Well, as the name implies, UndergroundVPN is a VPN service similar to the ones you see around the internet and talked about constantly on the news in relation to internet privacy and security.  UndergroundVPN provides an encrypted and secure tunnel for your traffic to get out on to the internet without having to worry about your ISP spying on you or the hacker at the local coffee shop trying to steal your personal information as they watch your internet traffic travel through the air thanks to the wifi hotspot.  If you are looking to keep your online activities private and keep from getting hacked when you have to use public wifi, then UndergroundVPN is there to protect you!

Also, if you are looking to access region blocked content, the best way to do that is with a VPN just like Cubik!  Of course some providers put in extra restrictions to block people from doing that (I was just reading about new restrictions to prevent VPN users from using BBC’s iPlayer in the news this morning) but those restrictions are still pretty rare at this point so if there is content only available in certain countries that you want access to (something I run into on YouTube from time to time), then you can use UndergroundVPN to get around that and check out the content you want!

As for why I chose to create UndergroundVPN, there are a few reasons.  One, I have been growing increasingly frustrated with my current VPN provider (whose name I won’t mention) over the last year or so.  Second, I have long dreamed about working for myself so I am hoping to grow this big enough that I can quit my normal job and be able to do this and other projects from anywhere in the world.  After all, who wants to be tied to a desk if they don’t have to be?!  And finally, with all of the concern about internet privacy and security these days, it seemed like the perfect business to get into!  Those are a few of the biggest reasons anyway.

As for Global Geek News, now that I have finished building and launched UndergroundVPN, posts should go back to being more regular on here.  I’ve got other projects going and I will be spending a lot of time promoting UndergroundVPN to try to get the name out there because I am really hoping for it to become my current full time job but I will be making more time for GGN since I won’t be in such a time crunch (I wanted to launch this several months ago but there has been some delays).

Now, what are you waiting for?  Go sign up and secure your internet connection with UndergroundVPN today!  And tell your friends and family too!





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