Super Mario Stop Motion Video Made With Rubik's Cubes

Super Mario Stop Motion Video Made With Rubik’s Cubes

Perhaps its because of the rise of digital animation or perhaps because its just too much of a time suck to do well but it seems like stop motion videos are largely a thing of the past these days.  You certainly don’t see any shows on like Gumby anymore anyway.  Well, luckily its not a completely dead art because if it was, I would not be sitting here typing this post so that I can share this awesome Super Mario stop motion video made with 961 Rubik’s Cubes with you!

Stop motion videos seem to be so rare these days that only two other times in the over 10 years that Global Geek News has been around have I posted about any.  One of those was an epic LEGO stop motion video and the other was a LEGO Millennium Falcon stop motion video showing its build process.  Well, now Mario is getting in on the act with this amazing Super Mario stop motion video but instead of using LEGO bricks, this one uses 961 Rubik’s Cubes!

This Super Mario stop motion video was created by YouTube user jugglersynchro to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.  They used the various colors of 961 Rubik’s Cubes to make this incredible Super Mario stop motion video which features a couple different versions of Mario, the iconic question block, the growth mushroom and even a Goomba!

I have to say I really admire their patience and dedication that it took to create something as awesome as this Super Mario stop motion video!  Heck, I don’t even have the patience to solve a Rubik’s Cube!  Seriously, I have never solved one in my life!  I can’t even imagine trying to do 961 of them.  Anyway, enjoy the video below!

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[via Geekologie]


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