Bioshock Big Daddy Backpack

Bioshock Big Daddy Backpack

I can’t say I know why, but as much as I have always seemed to enjoy playing Bioshock whenever I try to give it a go, I have yet to manage to stick with it and actually finish any of the Bioshock games.  I don’t know what the problem is because I find it engaging and I love the environment and visual style, I just never manage to get more than a couple hours into the game before I just forget about it and move on to another game.  Well, since I know there are a LOT of Bioshock fans out there, I thought I just had to share this awesome Bioshock Big Daddy backpack that I came across which can be yours!

Thanks to the Bioshock loving geeks over at ThinkGeek, this awesome Bioshock Big Daddy backpack can be yours for just $79.99!  This officially licensed Bioshock Big Daddy Backpack features a padded laptop pocket (as all backpacks should these days), an adjustable shoulder strap, the Rapture icon under the flap, and a tiny plush Little Sister that is attached to the zipper.  And in case you need to know the size details, this Big Daddy backpack measures 11″ long x 14″ tall x 5″ wide.

Its unfortunate I didn’t know about this Bioshock Big Daddy backpack sooner because I would have probably included it in my top 10 holiday gifts for 2016 post because this would make for a fantastic gift for that Bioshock fan in your life.  Oh well, perhaps they have a birthday or something coming up soon that would work instead!

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Bioshock Big Daddy Backpack Bioshock Big Daddy Backpack[Source:  ThinkGeek]





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