Legend of Zelda Pool Table

This Custom-Made Legend of Zelda Pool Table Is Amazing!

One of the reasons I like to blog cool and geeky things I find is because I just don’t have the skills to make them myself.  I truly envy those that can take an idea an create something amazing.  In this particular case, a team of people built this incredible Legend of Zelda Pool table!

Until now, I have never heard of a YouTube show called Super-Fan Builds but after seeing them create this absolutely incredible Legend of Zelda pool table, I think it might just be my new favorite YouTube show.  I really don’t watch much on YouTube which is perhaps why I haven’t heard of it but if they are building stuff like this, I am still a bit shocked it hasn’t crossed my radar until now.

Apparently the show finds super fans and builds them something incredible to celebrate their geeky love which is pretty cool (and obviously why the show is called Super-Fan Builds)!  It looks like if you happen to know any super fans, you can nominate people to perhaps have them built something or you can even propose some build ideas which is really cool too!

In the episode below, they have a team of Hollywood prop makers build a Zelda fan an absolutely gorgeous custom-made Legend of Zelda pool table!  And while I could stare at this amazing table for hours to appreciate all the fine detail, the video shows you just how this Legend of Zelda pool table was made!

I wish I had room for a Legend of Zelda pool table in my basement because something like this would be awesome!

Have you ever built something incredibly geeky like this Legend of Zelda pool table?  Let me know in the comments because I’d love to see what you have made!

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