Lord of the Rings Cake

Amazing Lord of the Rings Cake

It has been quite a while since I have posted any cakes, especially a Lord of the Rings cake so when I came across this amazing Lord of the Rings cake which features the books rather than the characters and things in them, I knew I had to post about it!

I’m not sure that I would say this is my favorite Lord of the Rings cake as I have posted some rather incredible ones in the past like this Gollum cake and the mind blowing Dark Tower cake, but this one is still quite amazing!  Oh, and since its winter, lets not forget the winter themed Hobbit cake!

While I think most everybody knows about my hatred of fondant at this point, I can’t deny that it makes for rather incredibly looking cakes like this one.  The only thing that seems a bit off about this beautiful Lord of the Rings cake is just how thick the Hobbit book seems to be.  I guess they decided to stretch it out like the movies.

Sadly, I have no idea who made this cake or what the occasion was (I’m guessing by the size that it was for a wedding but that is just a guess).  So, if anybody happens to know who made this incredible Lord of the Rings cake or what the cake was made for or just some of the delicious details, please let me know in the comments below!  Whoever made this definitely deserves credit for it!

If you had any sort of special occasion where you had an amazing cake like this one, share some pictures with us either in the comments or through the contact page because I am always looking for some amazing cakes to feature!

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