Art Deco R2-D2

Art Deco R2-D2 Looks Like A Retro Appliance

A lot of people love the art deco style and its no wonder why games like Bioshock have been made in that style because it does have this really cool vintage look.  Well, if there is one thing I can’t say I ever expected to be done in that style it would be the lovable Star Wars droid R2-D2.  Its definitely a different look for the droid but this art deco R2-D2 looks like it would make a pretty sweet mini fridge!

Well, this art deco R2-D2 is actually called Artoo Deco and is a remote control robot rather than a mini fridge.  Although I think if anybody is looking for an idea for doing a custom mini-fridge in the art deco style, this is the droid you are looking for! Visit Appliance Hunter to discover more unique home appliances.

This art deco R2-D2 was created by by author and droid builder Kurt Zimmerman.  Not only is the R/C art deco R2-D2 a sweet looking robot but it has a sound system in it to play R2’s famous beebs and boops.  I’d say Kurt did quite an incredible job with it!

On second thought, if you load this art deco R2-D2 up with the smarts of a Roomba and the various other vacuum innards, you might just have the coolest vacuum in any galaxy!  I’m not real sure how it would handle tight spaces or even corners but I’m sure somebody could come up with a solution.  Ok, now I really want an R2-D2 fridge and a Roomba that looks like R2-D2.  I really need to learn how to build this sort of stuff.

Have you built any geeky remote control robots like Artoo Deco?  If so, let us know about it in the comments below because we would love to see it!

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Art Deco Artoo Deco
Art Deco Artoo Deco

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