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Steam Controller On Sale For $35 Today, An All Time Low!

steam-linkWhether you like to play your PC games with a controller (I do for old console games where I use an emulator but thats about it) or you have one of those fancy Steam Link boxes so that you can stream your Steam games to your television and need a controller to play them, Amazon has a killer deal today on Valve’s Steam Controller for $35 today only which ties an all time low and is $15 less than you can buy it for from Steam right now.  Oh, and the Steam Link is also on sale for $35 today too!

I know a number of people that have and love the Steam Controller and have recommended I pick one up (I’ve got a Logitech controller I love so I haven’t had a huge urge to change) but for $15 off, its hard to say no!  If there is one thing I love, its a bargain!  And while I can’t say I have had a huge urge to play my Steam games on my TV, now that I have upgraded my living room TV to a 4K TV from an old CRT, I’d say that $35 for a Steam Link sounds like a pretty fantastic deal.

I know I don’t post about a lot of sale stuff like I used, but since I plan on taking advantage of these deals and I know that the Global Geek News audience is made up primarily of gamers, I figured I had to pass this along because its not very often you see something like this get such a huge discount that it matches an all time low price.

Do you have the Steam Controller or the Steam Link?  If so, let us know in the comments below what you think of them.  Do you like them?  How do they compare to other PC controllers you have tried?  We want to know!

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