LEGO Batman Arkham Asylum

18,000-Piece LEGO Arkham Asylum

LEGO Arkham Asylum
LEGO Batman Arkham Asylum

I used to love playing with LEGO as a kid and I would love to get back into it but I think they are just way too expensive for little pieces of plastic.  So until I win the lottery and don’t care about how I spend my money, I will just have to enjoy the incredible things that other people create with giant amounts of LEGO bricks.  In this particular case, I’m referring to a 18,000 piece LEGO Arkham Asylum that is sure to delight any Batman fan and LEGO lover!

Australian LEGO enthusiast and Batman lover Dayton spent around a year planning and 3 months building this impressive 18,000 piece LEGO Arkham Asylum.  It has 5 rooms and 7 cells and is lit by LED lights.  Here is a bit about what he had to say about this incredible Batman LEGO build.

I feel this was the milestone for me as a builder as this is something I have wanted to build for years now and I am so happy with how it turned out, almost everything I wanted to put into the moc was built and included, some of my favourite parts of the Moc are, Killer Croc’s Cell (See Youtube Video) the Maximum Security Wing (Underground Cells), The whole interior turned out pretty good and I really like what happened the whole roof and clock part of the building.

Make sure to check out the video below because you get to see all of the amazing detail that was put into this Batman LEGO Arkham Asylum build as well as find out a little bit more about it.  If it doesn’t impress you, you might want to check your pulse because you are probably dead.

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LEGO Arkham Asylum

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