Star Wars BB8 Jack-O-Lantern

Create Your Own Star Wars BB8 Jack-O-Lantern!

Pumpkin carving has never been a skill I have possessed although as anybody who reads Global Geek News around this time of year knows, I am a huge fan of creative and well done geeky pumpkin carvings.  In the past, some of my favorites have been the Oregon Trail pumpkin carving and the creepy Joker jack-o-lantern but I think today’s post is the first one I have ever seen that has had instructions for how to make your own version!  I’m not saying I would make my own (like I said, I have no skill for doing such a thing and would probably just end up bleeding from all my fingers) BB8 Jack-O-Lantern but if you want to build your own, you have the opportunity!

Star Wars fans looking to geek up their Halloween will love being able to create their own BB8 jack-o-lantern just like the one pictured below!  You can find pictures of the construction with instructions for how to make your own over on the imgur gallery created by CaptCash.  Hint:  You need two pumpkins!  And if you need that hint, I’m not sure you should be in control of a knife to do any pumpkin carving…

Are you doing any geeky pumpkin carvings or have you done any in the past like this BB8 Jack-O-Lantern?  If so, tell me about it and feel free to share some pictures in the comments below!  I love seeing the geeky things you guys create!

If you make one of these or any other kind of geeky pumpkin carving, please share some pictures with us so we can post about your awesome carving!

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Star Wars BB8 Jack-O-Lantern
Star Wars BB8 Jack-O-Lantern
Star Wars BB8 Pumpkin Carving
Star Wars BB8 Pumpkin Carving

[Source:  Imgur]






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