Elder Scrolls fanatic spends $50k to build an amazing Skyrim Basement

Elder Scrolls Man Cave
Elder Scrolls Man Cave

Since I have an unfinished basement, I have long thought that when the day comes that I have some extra money, I’d like to do something cool and geeky with it like perhaps build myself an old school arcade.  However, if I do something like that, I don’t think I have the skills to do something near as impressive as this guy did with his basement.  This basement looks like something straight out of the Elder Scrolls universe!

Tyler Kirkham, a DC comics artist spent around $50,000 to build this incredible Elder Scrolls man cave that comes complete with weapons, armor, a sparring area, a waterfall and even a secret passageway!  Although I have played some Skyrim, I can’t say I am a big enough Elder Scrolls fan to consider doing this to my basement but I have to admit, this is pretty incredible!

Have you given any part of your home a geeky remodel?  If so, let me know about it in the comments below!

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[Source:  Barcroft.TV via: Polygon]


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