Portal Wedding Cake

This Perfect Portal Wedding Cake is Not a Lie!

In the past, I have posted a ton of Portal cakes (just search for Portal cakes on the right to find them all) including a wedding cake that looks like a Companion Cube with Atlas and P-Body toppers.  However, the one I found today which you can see below blows them all away or I suppose you could say takes the cake!

This Portal themed wedding cake which is actually three cakes that look like Companion Cubes that features various characters from the game including P-Body, Atlas and GLaDOS was created by Black Cherry Cake Company.

This is definitely one of the the cooler wedding cakes I have seen and the best part is that this cake isn’t a lie!

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Portal Wedding Cake
Portal Wedding Cake

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  1. disqus_XKxPmBtTnH Avatar

    Awww thank-you for the lovely comments on my cake 😀 xxx Glad you like it!

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