An Orchestra in Prague Plays an Epic Ghostbusters Theme!

With all of the facts about myself that I have shared over the years on here, I think at least the long time readers among you have a pretty good idea of who I am and the things I enjoy.  However, there is one love that I don’t think I have ever mentioned on here and that is my love of the symphony!  I suppose I can blame that on having a great Fine Arts teacher in middle school but for the past couple of years, I have had a subscription to a nearby orchestra where I usually spend at least one Saturday night a month during their season.  I am especially excited for this month because I actually have two shows to go to!

After the symphony I go to announced their new season a couple of weeks ago, I plan on changing my subscription next year to a different series because next season one of their other series will have a Star Wars symphony and a Bugs Bunny symphony!  How could I pass that up?!

Anyway, speaking of the symphony, I just came across this amazing video of an orchestra in Prague performing the theme music from Ghostbusters and it is amazing!  I love how into it the director is and how he gets the crowd involved.  I wish he was the conductor at the symphony I attend!

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[via Reddit]





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