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Check out our new clothing store, Geek Tees!

Global Geek News LogoWhile spending my Sunday having a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine marathon, I realized I should be trying to do something productive with my day.  So, I decided to finally pursue one of my dreams of having my own online t-shirt shop.  By now you all know my obsession geeky graphic tees so this should really come as no huge surprise.  Anyway, I can now say that my dream has come true!

Thanks to the awesome folks over at TeePublic, I have launched my new nerdy clothing site, Geek Tees!  The store features a ton of amazing designs (many of which I own and have featured here on Global Geek News in the past) and I will be adding more regularly.

While t-shirts are the main focus, the designs are also available on hoodies, tanks and more!

Please go check out the store, buy some amazing shirts and share the store with your geeky friends!  Like us on Facebook too!

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2 responses to “Check out our new clothing store, Geek Tees!”

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  2. Phillius Thomas Avatar
    Phillius Thomas

    I am glad that you were able to fulfill your dream, and the fact you decided to start it while watching my favorite of the Star Trek shows is so cool! It’s good to have more geeky shirts out there. Although, sometimes it can be hard because I just want to buy them all!

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