Steampunk Nail Art

Stunning Steampunk Fingernail Art

Ever since I started my geeky fashion blog, Fanboy Fashion, I haven’t posted much fingernail art here since it usually makes the most sense for me to post it over there rather than here on Global Geek News (you can still find a ton of it if you search for nail art over on the right).  Well, since I already have a post planned for over there today (some amazing Diablo Demon Hunter cosplay), I figured I might as well post this incredible steampunk fingernail art here because it is simply too amazing not to post somewhere!  Long nails aren’t really my thing but even I have to admit these are pretty spectacular.

This incredibly detailed steampunk nail art was created by Simone Gilbert.  Between the gears, goggles and pretty much everything else, this might just be the most detailed nail art I have ever seen!  I can definitely say this is also the only time I have seen a corset on nail art before.

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Steampunk Nail Art
Steampunk Fingernail Art

[Source:  Simone Gilbert via Fashionably Geek]





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