Incredible Legend of Zelda ‘Overworld’ Song by For Orchestra

Those who know me best know that the music I love most involves some sort of orchestra.  Symphonic metal is my favorite but really any symphony music will put a smile on my face.

Over a year ago, I was fortunate enough to get to see the official Legend of Zelda symphony that has been traveling the world the past couple of years and as a huge Zelda music fan, I found it to be incredible.  I am still kicking myself for not getting a t-shirt and poster while I was there.

Well, the one thing that I was surprised by to an extent was that the sound of the music in the show stayed very true to the music in the game.  I had honestly expected a little of that and more of the music below.

Walt Ribeiro has been a great friend of Global Geek News for many years (he was the most frequent guest on the Global Geek News Podcast years ago) and these days he takes popular songs and arranges them for orchestra.  Recently, he did one of his For Orchestra pieces from the classic Legend of Zelda ‘Overworld’ music.  I thought it turned out to be something really amazing so I knew I just had to post it.

If you are interested in buying this awesome version of For Orchestra’s Legend of Zelda ‘Overworld’ song, you can get it on iTunes as well as on Amazon and I really suggest you should!  If you love stuff like this, support Walt’s efforts by buying his music!

If you want to hear a couple other of his geekier orchestrations, I posted about his Pokemon theme song orchestration and Doctor Who theme song orchestration in the past which are both worth checking out.

Enjoy the music and pass this along to any Legend of Zelda fans and orchestra lovers you know!  Like us on Facebook too!

[Source: For Orchestra]

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