This Dalek Planter Wants To EX-GERMINATE!

Despite what all of the lovely plants in my flower garden might have you believe, I am really not a flower person.  I can do a mediocre job at keeping them alive but that is about it.  I suppose that is probably because I really don’t like spending much time tending the flowers.  However, I suspect that might be because I don’t have an awesome Dalek planter to put in like the one below.

This fantastic Doctor Who inspired Dalek planter was created by Chris Balcombe.  I’d say Chris did a great job with it but while the flowers are pretty, it just feels off not having the Dalek’s ray gun and plunger thing sticking out.  How is it supposed to EX-GETMINATE! without them?

Do you have any geeky decorations in your garden?  I would love to hear about them in comments below and I enjoy seeing pictures too!

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Dalek Flower Planter
Doctor Who Dalek Planter

[Source:  Pinterest via Geeks are Sexy]