Incredible Mega Man NES Console Mod [pics]

Nothing makes me feel older than when video games I grew up playing as a kid hit milestone anniversaries.  A few days ago on the Global Geek News Facebook page, I posted a comparison of the original character in Wolfenstein and the same character from the upcoming Wolfenstein: New Order game and it is amazing how far video game graphics have come come in the last 20 years.  While that made me feel old, it didn’t make me feel near as old as the treasure below.

Console mod enthusiast platinumfungi, the same guy that created the awesome Legend of Zelda NES console mod I posted about last year is back at it again with a Mega Man NES console mod!

Since this year is the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, platinumfungi decided to create this awesome Mega Man NES.  Apparently with the exception of the painting, he did all of this himself with simple hand tools, no professional cutting or anything.  Not only does it look cool, it is fully functional too!

Apparently he lost track of how long it took to make but I would say it was definitely worth every minute of effort spent on it.  I really wish it was for sale because I would love to own it.  I love how it even lights up!

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Mega Man NES Console Mod
25th Anniversary Mega Man NES Console Mod
Mega Man NES Console Mod In The Dark
Mega Man NES Console Mod In The Dark

[Source:  platinumfungi]


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