Colorful Kirby Latte Art [pic]

For somebody who doesn’t even like to drink lattes, it is rather surprising how much I enjoy seeing latte art.  However, despite all of the latte art I have seen and all of the works of beverage art I have posted on here, I have never seen one that was colored until now.

A Japanese barista known as Nowtoo Sugi is the creator of this amazing and colorful Kirby latte art.

Apparently, they work with different flavors of syrup to give color to their latte art.  I’m guessing perhaps they used some sort of strawberry syrup or something to get the pink coloring of Kirby or at least the red on his cheeks.

I may not like to drink lattes but now I definitely have the urge to go play some Kirby’s Dreamland.  I think that is exactly what I am going to do tonight!

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Nintendo Kirby Latte Art
Kirby Latte Art

[Source:  Nowtoo via Kotaku]



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