Steampunk NES Controller Coffee Table [pics]

Normally I don’t care a whole lot about furniture, but there is just something I like about custom coffee tables, especially when they look like a Nintendo NES controller.  In the past, I have posted a couple of NES controller coffee tables including a NES controller table that had a really nice wood look to it as well as another NES controller coffee table that was painted up to look like a real controller and was even functional!  Well, now we can add a steampunk NES controller to the list of geeky coffee tables.

California based furniture builder Charles Lushear of Bohemian Workbench created this amazing steampunk NES controller coffee table out of recycled parts.  It measures 40″ length x 17.5″ width x 18″ height and features a 1/4″ of glass so you have a nice surface to put your stuff on.  Not only that, but if you would love to have this in your living room, you can buy it!

Charles is selling this awesome steampunk NES controller coffee table on Etsy for $2,600.  If I could afford it, I would love to have it in my living room but that is just a couple grand out of my budget.  I will be very jealous of anybody who can afford it though.

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Steampunk NES Coffee Table
Steampunk Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table
Steampunk NES Controller Table
Steampunk NES Controller Coffee Table

[Source:  Etsy via LaughingSquid]


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